What is Cross Stitch Paper?

G. Wiesen

Cross stitch paper is a type of paper designed and printed to help a person plan out a cross stitch pattern that he or she is going to make. This type of paper is typically printed with a series of lines running horizontally and vertically across the page, creating a grid. The grid is usually sized a certain way to make it easier to work with, and a number of different sizes can be found. Cross stitch paper is often used to plan out a cross stitching pattern, especially a more complicated pattern, so that creating the actual cross stitching is easier once problems have been worked out on the paper.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Also called cross stitch graph paper, cross stitch paper is very similar to standard graph paper used in mathematics. Though graph paper can be used, cross stitch paper is typically sized and printed in a way that is easier to use for planning out cross stitching projects. A person is basically able to use the paper to create a template for how the final cross stitching will look, so any issues with sizing or creating an image can be worked out ahead of time. The horizontal and vertical lines on the paper can be used to simulate the horizontal and vertical lines that will be created using pieces of thread.

By using cross stitch paper, a person can plan out exactly where the thread will go and determine color schemes as well. It is typically quite a bit easier to erase a few lines on this sort of paper than it is to remove thread from a cross stitching work and redo the stitching. This sort of planning is especially useful for more complicated images or patterns. Since these images only consist of straight lines, it can often be easier to determine how to create curves and similar forms on cross stitch paper.

Cross stitch paper can be found in a number of different scales and sizes, and the type of paper or pattern on the paper is usually determined by the number of lines within a given area. This usually refers to the lines in an inch (2.54 cm) of space on the paper, so a 10-count cross stitch paper will have 10 lines running horizontally and vertically in each inch (2.54 cm) of space on the paper. A 14-count paper will have 14 lines in each inch (2.54 cm), meaning the squares will be smaller. The type of paper used tends to depend on personal preference, though some patterns may recommend using certain count sizes.

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