What is Creamed Horseradish Sauce?

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Sometimes served with salmon fillets, steak or even grilled vegetables, creamed horseradish sauce is a great alternative to other condiments. While it does take some effort to prepare the sauce, it can be made several hours in advance and refrigerated with ease. All the basic ingredients are readily available in most supermarkets and usually at reasonable prices.

Some recipes call for grinding horseradish root as part of the preparation process. However, it is possible to use a prepared horseradish product. Make sure to retain the fluid in the container, as it has a great deal of flavor that will add to the taste of the completed recipe.

Along with the prepared horseradish or ground horseradish root, add a flavored vinegar. Red wine vinegar or some type of balsamic vinegar works very well in creamed horseradish sauce. Combine a small amount of dry mustard along with some sugar and salt to help even out the range of flavors. It is a good idea to blend all these ingredients thoroughly and set aside while you address the heavy cream that is needed to finish the creamed horseradish sauce.


Once the radish and spices are blended, pour the cream into a large mixing bowl. For best results, chill the bowl at least a half-hour before beginning to work with the cream. Using a hand mixer to beat the cream until soft peaks are formed. Take care to not over-beat the cream, as that will interfere with the consistency of the creamed horseradish sauce and make the mixture too thin.

Incrementally fold the blended horseradish, vinegar, and spices into the heavy cream. To ensure that everything mingles evenly, use a spatula to cut down to the bottom of the mixing bowl and slowly add the spice mixture. Fold gently and continue folding until all ingredients are evenly blended. If the cream appears to be thinning too quickly, stop and chill the mixture for ten to fifteen minutes, then proceed with the preparation.

While it is possible to serve creamed horseradish sauce immediately after preparation, it is often recommended to chill the sauce for at least an hour before bringing it to the table. The presentation may call for the sauce to be gently applied to the top of the meat, fish, or vegetables. Other presentations may call for the sauce to be served in a small dish on the side. This approach allows diners to cut and dip the meat into the sauce. In either case, creamed horseradish sauce provides a salty and sweet additional flavor to the entrée for the meal that is not as strong as processed horseradish sauces but packs a considerable taste nonetheless.


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