What is Country Cottage Furniture?

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Country cottage furniture is a style of furniture that easily fits into any country-inspired decor. Typically, this type of furniture is made from natural materials such as wood, rattan, and wicker, though industrial elements, such as iron, may also be incorporated. Selecting furniture for a country home can be challenging, though understand the concept behind country cottage furniture will help make this challenge easier.

A country home should be comfortable, charming, warm, and inviting -- four things that are not easy to tie-together. Wooden pieces are always a good choice, though large wooden items should be kept to a minimum. Instead, focus on smaller items that include intricate carvings. Essentially, country cottage furniture that is simplistic is often the kind of furniture that you will want to select.

Items made from rattan and wicker can also add to the look of a country home. While wicker is generally placed outside of a home, this material blends in nicely with other, larger, pieces. Place wicker inside of a solarium for a unique look, or include a wicker chair inside of a living room space for an eclectic design. Rattan can be added to a country space in the same way that wicker can be added, only rattan should be meshed with materials such as cotton and flannel to create a rustic look.


Frequently, metal and iron are kept out of a country design, though this doesn't have to be the case. In fact, metal and iron pieces can add interesting texture and shape to any room. The trick is to cover any metal or iron items with warm cotton throws and brightly patterned seat covers. This way, you can simply combine country cottage furniture with modern metal or iron furniture without compromising the look of your entire home.

There are lots of country cottage furniture options available, though certain pieces will reflect a simple countryside design better than others. Consider purchasing large wooden chests, an antique dining room hutch, a rustic rocking chair, and a basic wooden dining room table. Also, don't forget to accessorize by adding braided rugs, lanterns, hanging stars, and other country themed items to your home.

Really, fashioning a country space is simple to do once you can easily recognize the look and shape of country furniture. Mix and match antique pieces with modern pieces to create an eye-catching home, or keep all of your designs and patterns uniform. There really isn't any way to make a mistake when decorating with country cottage furniture, so select those items that appeal to your personal taste.


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