What is Contractor School?

Shannon Kietzman

A contractor school is the place where burgeoning contractors can obtain a license for their trade. This could include building homes, electrical work, heating and air, and installing water wells and septic systems. A person wishing to advance in the trade of contracting must enroll in a contractor school in order to learn necessary skills. Similarly, a person currently working alongside a main contractor who wishes to own his or her own business in the future can benefit from a contractor school.

The contractor licensing exam contains over 100 multiple-choice questions.
The contractor licensing exam contains over 100 multiple-choice questions.

In most states, completion of a contractor school program and valid licensure is required in order to work as a contractor. Fortunately, there are many convenient ways to attend a contractor school. In addition to “brick and mortar” schools offering contractor classes, it is also possible to find a contractor school online. By attending classes through an online contractor school, it is possible to complete classes from the comfort of home while working around a family and work schedule.

There are generally two methods used for teaching classes through an online contractor school. Audiotapes may be sent to the student’s home, or written text can be provided. In some cases, a combination of both methods is used. The written text may be either in the form of a textbook or provided over the Internet.

In addition to teaching students about the rudiments of the area of contracting they are specializing in, a contractor school also assists students in learning how to manage their own business after graduation. A contractor school may also include courses on estimating the budget for a project, blueprint reading, accounting, and marketing.

After completing courses at a contractor school, a student is prepared to take the licensing exam. Generally, these exams are in multiple-choice format and contain over 100 questions each. Since the tests tend to be long, they are often divided into two or more sections. A portion of the test usually covers law, while the other portion covers the specific trade. The trade covered by the test has an impact on the overall length of the exam, since some trades are more detailed than others.

If a person fails the contractor test, it is usually possible to go back to contractor school and take the courses as often as necessary to pass. Many schools allow the student to take the classes as many times as they need for no extra cost. The student does, however, have to pay for the license exam each time the test is taken.

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