What is Concrete Garage Floor Paint?

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Concrete garage floor paint is an epoxy-type paint that is created by mixing two components together before applying it to the concrete floor surface. Typically found in professional workshops and upscale home garages, it adds not only a professional appearance to an otherwise plain concrete floor, but also helps protect it. The paint is available in many colors and provides an oil-resistant barrier that prevents damage and staining to the garage floor. Since cement floors can become slippery when wet, some paint can be applied with sand embedded in them to provide sure footing even when the floor becomes wet.

The first step in the decision to cover the floor with concrete garage floor paint is to decide on a color and pattern. While a single color is typically easiest to apply, multi-colored paint and an original design scheme can make a garage stand out. When deciding on a pattern, design, or multi-colors, a base coat is typically applied first in a light color, then masked off before the darker colors are applied. Small vinyl pieces can be spread over the wet paint and allowed to dry, creating a special one-of-a-kind design. Other designs incorporate vinyl decals applied to the dried floor.


Before any paint is applied, the garage floor must be cleaned thoroughly because any grease or oil on the floor can ruin the paintwork. Companies that make this type of paint often recommend specific cleaners and how the floor should be prepared before the product is applied. Aside from cleanliness and chemical compatibility, temperature is also an important factor. It's usually best to paint the floor in warm, dry weather for the best results.

The preferred method of applying concrete garage floor paint is with a roller or squeegee. As it dries, it flows into cracks and crevices in the floor to create a tough, smooth surface. A properly painted floor makes it easier to move shop tools and equipment around the garage. Simple cleaning tasks, such as sweeping up dirt and debris, are also made easier by eliminating the cracks that collect dirt and pull it from the broom's bristles. The thick epoxy paint also creates a moisture barrier on the concrete, making a drier and warmer floor for the mechanic who may often need to lie on his back under a vehicle.


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