What is Color Healing?

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Color healing, sometimes called color therapy, chromotherapy, or colourology, is a form of holistic or alternative medicine using colors to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Color healing begins with a diagnosis of a condition. The patient is then exposed to light or surrounded by a color that may treat or address the condition. Color healing uses the wavelengths and frequencies of light to promote wellness.

One form of color healing or color therapy is to simply wear colored glasses. The idea is that the glasses will help to control the energy or vibrations of light that enter the body through the eyes. This mega dose of specific light energy will then stimulate the mind and affect the body accordingly. Knowing which color to use to treat a specific problem is an issue that can be left up to the color therapy practitioner. For those who wish to experiment, a number of different resources are available to help indicate the colors best used to treat various ailments.

Using light and color to heal is actually an ancient technique used by multiple cultures, past and present. Color healing and various forms of light therapy are also practiced in modern, Western medicine to some extent, as well. Color is known to influence appetite and mood, and these factors directly impact both physical and emotional health, so many believe there is merit to color healing.


Colorpuncture is a form of color healing that uses the same external meridians on the body stimulated during traditional acupuncture. In colorpuncture, however, no needles are inserted. Instead, a tiny flashlight with a beam of colored light is pressed against the skin. The color of light used in colorpuncture depends on the particular ailment for which a patient is being treated.

Chromotherapy torches, wound removers, and photon biolight torches are all similar to colorpuncture lights. These hand held light sources use different colored bulbs or disks to direct colored light onto the body. These devices are said to aid in the treatment many skin conditions, including cosmetic issues like wrinkles and large pores. They are also reported to accelerate healing.

One Ayurvedic color healing technique involves wrapping a jar of water in a desired color of plastic wrap and then setting it in the sun. This allows only the specific wavelength of light energy associated with that color to pass into the water. After several hours, the water is believed to have absorbed the desired energy. Once this happens, it is used as a form of medicine for drinking.


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