What is Coffeeberry&Reg;?

Allison Boelcke

The coffee plant consists of a bush with small red fruits. The majority of coffee products have been historically made from the beans inside the coffee fruit, but not the actual fruit itself because it spoiled so quickly and could not be preserved effectively. Coffeeberry® is a product made primarily from the fruit of the coffee plant after the makers discovered a way to prevent the fruit from spoiling.

Some anti-wrinkle creams contain Coffeeberry® extract.
Some anti-wrinkle creams contain Coffeeberry® extract.

When the coffee plant is harvested to make products, traditionally the beans are extracted from the red fruit on the bush. The beans are then roasted and sold whole or ground into powder to be used for making coffee beverages or coffee-flavored products. Once the beans are processed, the fruit was traditionally discarded since it would perish too quickly to be safely processed. The makers behind Coffeeberry® found a method to process the coffee fruit without it spoiling; however, the exact process is a trade secret.

The beans used to make traditional coffee are harvested from inside the berry-like fruit.
The beans used to make traditional coffee are harvested from inside the berry-like fruit.

The makers of the Coffeeberry® product promote it as having several health benefits. They claim the fruit of the coffee bush contains more nutrients than the beans, which they believe lose most of their nutrients during the roasting process. The makers endorse the product as being a good source of phenolic acids, compounds found in plants that are thought to prevent a variety of diseases, including heart disease, cancer, or stroke. They also claim the product may help treat diabetes, anxiety, and depression, and may act as an anti-inflammatory.

Coffeeberry® products are generally available in two main forms: powder or a liquid extract. The powder can be mixed with most liquids, such as water, tea, coffee, or alcohol, and simply consumed as a beverage. It may also be added to baked goods recipes, such as granola bars or muffins. The liquid extract version of the product tends to be used most often for commercial nutritional supplements and may be packaged in a capsule or mixed with water and taken orally. The extract may also be added to anti-aging skincare products and applied topically as a way to prevent wrinkles and dry skin associated with aging.

The taste of Coffeeberry® tends to be mild. The makers of the product market it as having a light flavor that will not compete with or overshadow other flavors, which will allow it to be added to recipes or beverages without drastically changing the final taste of the dish. It is also promoted as being able to be easily consumed on its own without having an unpleasant taste.

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