What is Coal Reburning?

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Coal reburning is a process that makes it possible to utilize the broken down components of burned coal as a means of generating additional energy. This process effectively makes what was once a waste product into another energy source. While a number of different methods have been employed to create a coal burning process, technology continues to enhance the process and further stretch the value of coal as an energy source.

One of the current methods that are used for coal reburning is the micronized procedure. Generally, this technique involves the installation of an additional row of coal reburners in an existing furnace. The row is located above the main combustion area for the furnace, and filled with coal that has been milled to a consistency that is finer than talcum powder. This micronized coal powder is enhanced with a small amount of oxygen, which helps to enhance the burning process. The result is a higher temperature produced during a single session of burning, which converts into more fuel for the equipment that is powered by the furnace.


The benefits of coal reburning are not limited simply to making use of the coal powder to generate additional energy. Along with the direct increase in output from including the powder in the burning process, the coal powder also breaks down the additional nitrogen oxide found in the greater chamber of the furnace. This more efficient management of the nitrogen oxide leads to a substantial increase in the creation of combustion within the chamber. Depending on the efficiency of the individual furnace, it is possible to use coal reburning as a means of cutting the amount of nitrogen oxide released to half that produced in a conventional boiler.

Coal reburning has become a highly efficient means of making use of the residue created from the initial use of mined coal. By employing the process of reburning coal powder, it is possible to greatly increase the energy output of this limited resource. As technology has continued to refine the process, more companies that rely on the use of coal have modified their furnaces to allow for the process of reburning.


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