What Is Chocolate Yogurt Cake?

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Chocolate yogurt cake is a cocoa-based dessert prepared with yogurt. Like other yogurt desserts, it contains an added richness that doesn't exist in typical chocolate cakes. The addition of the yogurt also provides a tangy flavor that adds another depth to the cake.

Like any other cake, a chocolate yogurt cake is made up of cocoa, flour, and sugar. Though plain yogurt is usually called for in the recipe, any flavor can be experimented with. Vanilla yogurt may create another layer of sweetness, while strawberry yogurt can provide a chocolate-covered strawberry effect. Other ingredients typically include eggs and butter or margarine. Baking soda is also normally called for.

Creating a chocolate yogurt cake takes about an hour in total time. Traditionally a bundt or tube pan is used to bear the cake. All of the powdered ingredients are sifted together while the sugar, butter, and other ingredients are mixed together in a bowl. The pan is dusted with cocoa and flour before the batter is poured in to prevent it from sticking, as well as to add a kick of cocoa flavor to the edges of the cake.


Cooking times and heating instructions for each chocolate yogurt cake recipe will vary. The cake will be complete once the center is completely cooked. Inserting a toothpick into the cake and drawing it out can help provide the cook with this information. Cake should be allowed to cool before icing as desired in order to prevent the icing from melting. It may also be dusted with powdered sugar or adorned with fruit, such as strawberries, or drizzled with chocolate if preferred.

People who prefer egg-free versions of these and other yogurt desserts may wish to try chocolate yogurt cake recipes without eggs listed as an ingredient. The same ingredients are usually called for, aside form the eggs. The major difference in these recipes is that they often require the batter to beaten until the mixture is very frothy, and the results of the recipes may be denser than other chocolate yogurt cakes. Other variations of the cake, such as vegan alternatives, may also be made with substitutions as desired.

For a healthier version of the cake, dark chocolate may be used. Curd may also be used in the cake if no yogurt is available, as can sour cream. Depending upon the recipe, cooks may anticipate including some type of cooking oil or vinegar in the recipe as well.


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