What Is Chocolate Lip Gloss?

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Chocolate lip gloss is lip gloss that has the fragrance of chocolate added. Usually, chocolate lip gloss is only scented, but some lip glosses do have chocolate flavoring added as well. Mint or other complementary scents and flavors, such as orange, are also sometimes added to make mint chocolate, orange chocolate, and other combinations. Also, some lip gloss simply comes in a medium to dark brown color and may be named "chocolate" colored, although it is not actually flavored or scented this way.

Some brands of chocolate lip gloss offer different scents or flavors of chocolate ranging from white chocolate to dark chocolate. Generally, the shade of the lip gloss corresponds to the type of chocolate scent. For example, dark chocolate scented lip gloss is likely to be a darker shade of brown than regular or milk chocolate, while the somewhat less common white chocolate is more cream colored. Clear or very lightly tinted glosses with chocolate flavors or scents are also available for those who prefer chocolate glosses but who do not want to wear a brown color.


Scented lip glosses are often targeted to younger girls and teenagers rather than grown women, and are therefore likely to cost less than more sophisticated lip glosses, although this is not always the case. There may be some exceptions to this when dealing with chocolate lip gloss, which is made by several companies that mainly target adult women. Chocolate lip gloss, in general, has a similar range in prices as other lip glosses, with the variations in price depending largely on the brand.

As with other products worn on the face for long periods of time, the scent can be a source of complaints from some users, who find that a strong smell of chocolate may be pleasant at first, but can start to be overpowering with time. Other users find that, with some chocolate lip glosses, the scent fades too quickly, requiring a second application to replenish the fragrance. Other complaints are similar to those commonly found with any lip gloss, and may range from stickiness to a tendency to melt quickly when kept in proximity to body heat, such as in pants pockets. Some brands of chocolate gloss contain sunscreen while others do not, and some users find that, after trying both kinds, they notice a difference in the flavor or consistency of each product and may develop a preference.


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