What is Chile Salt?

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Chile salt is a great way to add a hint of hot spicy flavor to just about any dish. From soups and stews to just about all types of meat entrees, chile salt can help to enhance the taste.

Chile salt is really a very simple mixture. Along with the base ingredients of iodized salt and dried and group chile peppers, chile salt can sometimes also include dried red or green bell peppers as well. In some blends of the seasonings, a dash of black pepper may also be included. The combination of all these ingredients allow chile salt to add some heat to the flavoring of the dish without being overpowering. In some cases, chile peppers are omitted, and the salt is infused with chile oil.

Because chile salt possesses a seasoning mix that allows a small amount to provide seasoning for a relatively large dish, many people who need to cut back on salt intake may choose to use chile salt instead of plain table salt. Generally speaking, it is possible to use two-thirds less seasoning by choosing chile flavored salt over regular iodized salt. The difference can sometimes be enough to eliminate worries about salt intake while still permitting the individual to enjoy the same foods.


Using chile salt is not difficult at all. As is the case with most spices and herbs, it is a good idea to add the chile salt during the cooking process, rather than adding it when the food is served. Seasoning the food during the cooking process allows the chile salt to blend with the ingredients of the dish, resulting in a completed entrée or side item that will require no addition seasoning. One notable exception is with the dressing of a baked potato. A hint of chile salt along with sour cream or butter can make for a very tasty side dish.

When seasoning cuts of meat or poultry with chile salt, it is often a good idea to rub the meat down with the salt before beginning the process of baking or broiling. For a spicy grilled fish, rub down the fillets with chile salt, add a few slices of lemon and seal the fish in aluminum foil. The result will be a tasty and zesty fish that will be moist and flaky.

Purchasing chile salt is very easy. Most gourmet grocers will carry chile salt, as well as some of the upscale supermarkets. Often, health food stores and Hispanic food markets will also have one or two brands in stock. However, if there is not any chile salt readily available, it is possible to take ground cayenne pepper, salt, and ground black pepper in equal amounts and make your own chile salt blend.


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