What is Chakra Meditation?

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Chakra meditation is a healing approach that seeks to realign the aura of the body by employing basic methods of centering and grounding common to all types of meditation. The method focuses on considering each of the seven major chakras during the course of the meditation, helping to bring each of these lights or portions of the aura back into balance with one another. Proponents of this type of meditation understand the approach to help the body and mind make use of both the body’s inherent resources and the light energy surrounding the body to bring about healing.

For people who have never attempted chakra meditation before, it is a good idea to learn the process of healing meditation under the care of a teacher or instructor. The guided meditation may take place in a group setting, or involve one-on-one instruction with the teacher. While some of the basics are familiar to people who have practiced other forms of meditation, the applications may be somewhat different.


An important part of chakra meditation is learning how to ground during the process of meditation. Just about any type of meditation instruction will address this key element, providing students with ideas on how to clear the mind, breathe properly, and to move away from day to day anxieties and anything else that could threaten the serenity achieved during the meditative period. Grounding is sometimes presented as being reconnected with nature; some teachers even use imagery such as having students imagine they are extending a root from the body into the rich energy of the earth’s soil.

Along with grounding, centering is also key to preparation for chakra meditation. Centering involves relaxing both the body and the mind. Breathing is often helpful as part of the meditation techniques used to center, as well as sustaining the connection during the course of the meditation session. Once the individual has successfully disconnected from cares and concerns, it is possible to begin the process of chakra meditation.

There are several different ways to proceed with the chakra meditation. One approach is sometimes called drawing in colors. With this approach, the individual uses the mind’s eye to see the seven major chakras that compose the aura of the body. If one of the colors seems to be pale or diminished in any way, the meditation focuses on pulling in energy from the surrounding environment, such as from the earth or from the sun, in order to restore the color to its proper hue and stability. As the aura becomes whole once more, the imbalance is corrected, and the anticipation is that the body and mind will begin to heal.

Another approach involves invoking specific mantras for each of the seven major chakras. This approach is often used when there is a great deal of emotional or physical stress. Each chakra is considered in turn, with the mantra helping to guide the person meditating into closer union with the energy that composes the chakra. As unity is achieved, the chakra strengthens, and balance is restored.


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Post 3

I was not very successful with chakra meditation, until I purchased chakra pyramids and a chakra mantra CD. Both have helped immensely and have helped me meditate longer and achieve better results.

The pyramids are very cool because there are seven of them, with different colors and representing each chakra. Having them near me or holding one makes it so much easier to focus and visualize the chakra. The mantras help too. I recommend these for people who haven't quite warmed up to chakra meditation yet.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- I think that chakra meditation will definitely help you. Actually, I think that everyone needs to practice chakra meditation because most of us have at least a few that are closed. Chakra meditation can help open them which will resolve the issues associated with each chakra.

Chakra meditation is actually very easy. It involves imagining and using color and focusing on the area of the chakra that needs to be opened. Some people identify a problem chakra and focus on that whereas others like to open all of them one by one during meditation. I recommend starting out by reading about the chakras, where they are and what each one stands for.

Post 1

Chakra meditation sounds great. I have done silent meditation in the past but I feel that I would like to try other types of meditation now. Moreover, I have been experiencing health problems lately. I have anxiety issues as well as physical ailments. So I think it would be best for me to practice a type of meditation that can help heal me, in addition to, helping me relax.

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