What is Chakra Energy?

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Chakra energy refers to the use of different forms of energy, internal and external, in an effort to correct any negative issues that may be affecting a person’s chakras. These sources of energy can come from outside a person, such as light, food, environmental colors, sounds, and other people. They can also come from within a person through controlled thought and meditative practices. Chakra energy often refers to the various types of energy absorbed by a person’s body. It has positive or negative effects on a person depending on the nature of the energy type and how it is received.

The chakras, a Sanskrit word for wheel, are the seven points on the human body considered to be the locations of energy vortexes that control different systems of a person’s body. These seven points are considered by some to have great positive or negative impacts on a person’s health, depending on whether he or she keeps the energy of these chakras pure. The seven chakras are the crown chakra at the top of the head, the brow or third-eye chakra at a person’s forehead, the throat chakra at a person’s neck, the heart chakra located at the chest, the solar plexus chakra found just above the navel, the spleen chakra found just below the navel, and the root chakra located at the base of a person’s spine.


Each of these chakras has a physiological system within a person’s body associated with it, such as the heart chakra being associated with heart and respiratory health as well as the circulatory system in general. A particular color is also associated with each chakra, starting with red at the root, orange for spleen, yellow for solar plexus, green for heart, blue for throat, indigo for the brow, and violet for the crown. Chakra energy seeks to use these colors in different forms to positively affect each chakra.

For example, if a person is having digestive issues and experiencing frequent stomach pains, then it could be said that his or her solar plexus chakra has been disrupted or is not properly balanced. Chakra energy treatments would seek to use yellow light, foods, essential oils such as lemon and rosemary, and yellow gemstones to affect the person’s solar plexus chakra and bring it back into positive alignment. The idea is that these types of stimuli have energy that is received by the human body and affects the chakra in positive or negative ways. This chakra energy is not meant to be something mystical or unknown. It is considered very real energy or vibrations that could be measured and quantified.

Similarly, a person might use meditation to channel his or her internal chakra energy to better treat a problem. If someone was experiencing erratic or racing heartbeats, then he or she might meditate and focus on green colors and imagery of nature to better align his or her heart chakra. These methods can be used together to focus chakra energy both from within and without in a positive direction and restore harmony within the person.


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