What is Cellulite Cream?

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Cellulite creams are over the counter products that are used in the treatment of cellulite tissue. While the exact formulas used in the creation of these creams vary, the goal of all of them is to get rid of cellulite on any part of the body. Cellulite cream is understood to offer an alternative to medical procedures that are sometimes used for cellulite removal, such as laser or vacuum massage therapy.

Cellulite has an appearance that many people find unattractive. Sometimes described as “cottage-cheese” skin, cellulite does tend to have the look of a series of small bumps floating under the skin. As cellulite can appear on arms, legs and the buttocks with equal ease, people with the condition may forgo activities such as swimming rather than don clothing that would not cover the affected area.

The function of cellulite cream is intended to either minimize or rid the body of cellulite. Most formulas call for multiple applications each day, rubbing the cream into the skin. Over time, this cream is said to help firm the skin and begin to shrink the underlying deposits of fat that give cellulite its distinctive appearance.


While the exact formulas vary, there are a few ingredients that are found in many different cellulite cream products. Extracts of seaweed and green tea are often included. Liberal doses of Vitamin A are often included in the formula. Amino acids that are understood to help the body convert fat into energy such as L-carnitine are also common ingredients.

There is a great deal of controversy over whether or not cellulite cream is an effective treatment. Many of the products sold today do contain elements that are considered good for the skin and do exhibit some properties that may help reduce the size of fat cells. However, no universally accepted evidence currently exists that prove the efficacy of any cellulite cream offered on the market today.

While scientific confirmation of the benefits of such creams is not currently sufficient to convince many researchers, there is a large body of anecdotal evidence that suggests combining the use of cellulite cream with at least moderate exercise will help to tone the skin and reduce the visibility of cellulite. For people who have reduced the appearance of cellulite while using the creams, there is no doubt that any properly formulated anti-cellulite cream will make a difference, although the results will vary from one person to another.


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Post 2

@carrotisland: I had a very similar experience, as well. I also ordered off of a commercial that I saw on TV. This was supposed to be cellulite treatment cream and stretch mark cream. I was in need of both. Of course, on the commercials, they show the people “before and after”.

My opinion is that they Photoshop the pictures because neither one of those creams did a thing for me. I still had every stretch mark and every bit of cellulite that I had before I started using it. I ended up paying over $80.00 for absolutely nothing. You really have to be careful with TV ads.

Post 1

After I had my third son, I put on a few extra pounds. Most of it is around my inner thighs. I kept seeing these commercials about this great and wonderful cellulite cream that you “couldn’t find in stores”. I dialed up the 1-800 number and ordered two bottles.

Once I got it, I started using it immediately. I used it exactly how it said to use it. I had absolutely no results. I might as well have been rubbing mayonnaise all over my legs. I’m sure there are some good creams out there to help remove cellulite. However, I would certainly try to find out as much about the product as you can before you purchase it.

After I purchased it and realized it didn’t work, I looked it up on the Internet. I then saw all of the negative cellulite cream reviews by other consumers who were angry with this miracle lotion that didn’t work.

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