What is Cellular Zeolite?

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Cellular zeolite is mainly made up of clinoptilolite, a volcanic mineral found in soil or volcanic rock. This rock is ground into a powder and generally sold this way and can be mixed in a drink or obtained as a pre-mixed liquid product. The benefits generally associated with cellular zeolite are internal cleansing and increased immune system function.

The main suggested benefit of zeolite is the increase in resistance of individual cells within the body so that they can better fight off harmful elements such as bacteria, viruses, and disease. The general idea of cellular zeolite’s function is that it attracts the toxins in the body from pollution or heavy metals and carries them with it as it passes through the body. This way, the zeolite is said to prevent the development or progression of degenerative diseases. Once the body is flushed of toxins, normal cell regeneration can resume or improve.

The typical dosage of cellular zeolite is three to six drops of liquid a day or three to six teaspoons (about 12 to 18 grams) of powder. Liquid can be taken directly or mixed into food or drinks, while powdered zeolite must be mixed with liquid before being ingested. As such, the liquid form is generally the most popular and heavily marketed.


Cellular zeolite is also used as an experimental treatment for some cancer patients in holistic practices. Many sites and retailers suggest cellular zeolite can help prevent cancer, and some alternative therapies use the supplement as a way to fight the early stages of some forms of cancer. No conclusive evidence of its effectiveness, however, has been published, and the supplement is not approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for this use.

Minor side effects are common, but are usually temporary. These side effects include dry mouth, fatigue, and dehydration. Individuals can contend with this by increasing water intake and beginning with a smaller dose before working up to the recommended daily dosage.

As with most natural health treatments, it is suggested that cellular zeolite must be paired with a healthy lifestyle change in order to be effective on a long-term basis. While some studies suggest zeolite may be an effective internal cleanse, it may not be safe for extended use. Once use of cellular zeolite has ceased, the person taking it must continue with a healthy diet and moderately-active lifestyle.


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