What is Celery Seed Extract?

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Celery seed extract has been used for centuries to treat urinary, arthritic, and rheumatic medical conditions. Although people typically consume the stems of celery as part of a snack or in soups, the seeds provide the medicinal value. Celery seed extract is often recommended for people who have an accumulation of waste, and it is thought to lower blood pressure and work as an antispasmodic and a diuretic, as well. Some also believe it has tranquilizing powers.

Celery is native to much of the United Kingdom and found wild along the coasts of England and Wales. The plant portion is green with long stems. The stems can be eaten as a vegetable or can be juiced. The seeds of celery contain volatile oil and are the main part that is used medicinally. The seeds are brown in color and quite small. Seeds that are available for growing celery typically should not be used for medicinal purposes, as they may have been treated with pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals.


Many people who practice homeopathic medicine believe that celery seed extract is helpful for individuals who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, and gout. They claim the seeds work to detoxify the affected individual’s body. The extract is also thought to aid in the disposal of waste byproducts from the liver and kidneys. Once the waste is removed, they believe the celery seed extract can help improve the way the blood flows to the joints and muscles. Although there has been some initial research on the effect of the extract, there have been few human research studies supporting these claims.

Celery seed extract can be found in capsule form or as a tincture. Some people are recommended to consume one capsule of the extract each day. Others may consume 30 drops of the tincture, several times each day. In some cases, a tea can be made from the seeds. Although the tea is less potent that celery seed extract, many people believe that it is helpful to treat gout and arthritic symptoms.

Although celery seed extract is harmless for many people, a doctor should be consulted before using it. Specifically, women who are pregnant should not use the extract because the seeds can cause bleeding of the uterus and uterine contractions. In addition, people affected with inflammation of the kidneys should avoid the extract. The extract may also cause extreme sensitivity to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


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Post 3

@simrin-- The seeds are on the plant's flowers and they're also the fruit of celery for that reason. But you won't ever see them with the celery in grocery stores.

I believe fresh seeds are available in some places, but it's usually in dry form. The extract should be made from dry seeds too because harvesters generally leave the flowers and seeds on the plant until it dries.

I don't think there is any difference in terms of benefits if the extract is made from fresh or dry seeds. It might have to do more with the extraction process. I would imagine that they would prefer it fresh or dry depending on how the extract is made.

Post 2

I wasn't even aware that there celery has seeds and that it is beneficial for different things.

Where on the plant are the seeds exactly? I buy celery often but I've never noticed any seeds.

And to get the benefits mentioned in the article, is it better to have fresh or dried celery seeds? I think the extract is made from fresh seeds, is that the best way to have them?


Post 1

When I exercise a lot, I experience muscle spasms and some inflammation as well. I read that taking celery seed extract might help with these conditions.

Has anyone else heard about this?

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