What is Cardio Yoga?

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Cardio yoga is a type of exercise that utilizes yoga principals at a fast pace. This type of exercise is often used by individuals who want to start working out at a slightly slower pace than is usually involved in vigorous exercise. The movements of the cardio yoga are very similar to traditional yoga techniques, and still focus on chakras and the energy system of the body. Engaging in cardio yoga can be a good way to save time because it combines yoga techniques with cardio exercise.

Many people do not enjoy engaging in traditional cardio exercises. This leads many to stop working out, or to not work out as often they should. One of the good things about cardio yoga is that it keeps a workout interesting and may help individuals who have a hard time staying motivated.

Cardio yoga techniques can be performed in a number of different ways. In most cases, classes that engage in this type of workout will utilize traditional yoga exercises, with the addition of more movement. Everything is done at a quicker pace. This gets the cardiovascular system moving and is similar to doing other types of cardio exercise, such as running or cardio strength training.


With traditional yoga, there is an emphasis placed on the body's energy systems. Practitioners teach about chakras, and how the energy flows through the body. Yoga exercises are designed to improve this flow of energy. Cardio yoga workouts also put an emphasis on the energy systems, and they do not deviate from the traditional yoga teachings.

Engaging in cardio yoga can provide an individual with a number of benefits. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this type of routine is that it can save an individual time. For example, many people will go to the gym and spend a great deal of time doing a cardio treadmill routine and then spend more time doing a yoga class. Instead of devoting time to two separate things, the individual can combine both endeavors into one activity. The individual can benefit from cardio exercise and learn yoga principles at the same time.

Individuals who regularly engage in cardio yoga classes often report increased levels of energy. This can also be a good way to lose weight for individuals who do not wish to engage in running or weight training. This type of class also helps improve flexibility for many people.


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Post 3

It's true that cardio yoga is more of a workout than regular yoga. But because of the cardio exercises that are added to it, I don't believe that this type of yoga is relaxing like regular yoga. There is more energy and adrenaline involved in cardio yoga. It doesn't matter if the routine finishes up in the resting position or adds some yoga breathing. When the heart is pumping, it takes a while for the body to calm down.

So for those who are also looking for a relaxing exercise, you're better off doing regular yoga.

Post 2

@stoneMason-- Yes, they are. Cardio yoga is alternatively called power yoga because of the cardio and strengthening exercises included in the routine. There is no difference between them.

If you are looking for a nice workout that will burn fat and calories as though you did cardio at the gym, then cardio yoga is the right choice for you. It is becoming more popular, so I don't think you will have trouble finding a gym or yoga center that offers it. Some personal trainers are also trained in cardio yoga and can train you in it. If you have trouble finding a class, you could always ask a yoga center if they would consider offering a class for it.

Post 1

Is cardio yoga the same thing as power yoga? There are so many types of yoga out there that it gets a bit confusing sometimes. I'm looking for a type of yoga that will give me a good workout and this seems like the perfect yoga for me. I hope there is a gym or yoga center in my area that offers this.

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