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Calorad® is a dietary supplement intended to help people lose weight using collagen, a naturally occurring protein that helps build more lean muscle. The supplement is available in liquid form, containing roughly 10 calories. Its ingredients include aloe vera, glycine and animal-derived collagen, which is intended to help people burn fat and become more lean. Scientific studies have not shown the supplement to be effective as a weight loss aid, however.

This supplement is mostly marketed to people who have suffered collagen loss, which commonly occurs in middle-aged to elderly people. Collagen is responsible for keeping cells firm and together; collagen loss can make skin appear more loose. Collagen loss is commonly associated with sagging skin, poor blood vessel strength, and age-related joint pain; it has not been identified as a cause for high body fat or weight gain, however.

Calorad® works to replace the lean muscle lost from the degeneration of collagen caused by old age. The supplement also works to help the body burn off more fat, helping people to become leaner and thinner. There is no clinical evidence collagen loss can lead to fat gain or the loss of lean muscle tissue, however. As yet, there are no peer-reviewed studies or published papers from nutritionists or diet experts to substantiate the effects of Calorad®.


Two forms of collagen are use to make Calorad®: collagen derived from cows and from tuna, called bovine and marine collagen. The marine form is intended to give an alternative to pescetarians — vegetarians who eat some seafoods — and those whose religious practices don't allow for the consumption of beef. Neither formula would be appropriate for vegetarians or vegans, however.

The recommended dosage of Calorad® is 1 tablespoon (about 14 grams) of its formula per day, preferably on an empty stomach. It also is recommended to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan. The combined effect may help people burn fat and lose weight more quickly.

There is no clinical evidence, however, that the ingredients in Calorad® can help reduce body fat, increase or maintain lean muscle or aid in weight loss. Aloe vera and glycine have not been shown to affect the body's metabolism, play a role in fat synthesis, or otherwise aid in fat-burning or weight loss. There is also no scientific evidence that protein or collagen can lead to substantial weight loss.


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