What is Calendula Spray?

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Calendula spray is a natural, herbal remedy for minor cuts and skin irritations. The preparation is made with oil from the calendula flower, a plant that is similar to the marigold and is often referred to as “pot marigold” or “garden marigold.” This flower has many useful healing properties, and the spray can speed healing when applied to a wound.

Calendula spray is derived from Calendula officinalis, a flower that is in the same family as asters and sunflowers. The blooms are usually dark orange in color with many flat petals. Their scent is similar to a marigold, but the petals are not frilled. Calendula might also be planted in gardens to attract beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. The flower is edible, and can be used to color and flavor food, and it may also be eaten raw in salads.

The extract of calendula is effective for healing and soothing skin problems because it is an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. It is rich in polysaccharides, carotene, triterpene, and flavonoids. Together, these act as an immuno-stimulant while encouraging faster regeneration of collagen in the skin. The high mucilage content also acts as a skin moisturizer. The triterpene is what gives calendula spray its anti-inflammatory quality, while the carotene and flavonoids are powerful anti-oxidants.


Sprayed on small bug bites, Calendula spray helps relieve the itching and irritation caused by scratching. The spray can be made from a water or alcohol extract of the flower, and might be used on sunburn, irritated dry skin, and small cuts and scrapes. Calendula spray soothes the pain and helps the skin regenerate more quickly. The spray or a tincture may also be taken internally to relieve sores in the mouth or the pain of a sore throat. Calendula tea is used to relieve upset stomachs, reduce fevers, and prevent the uncomfortable spasms associated with bladder and urinary tract infections.

Although calendula salves and lotions are also available, calendula spray is used on areas that are too sensitive to rub medicine onto. Most sprays made with calendula use flower oil that is derived with glycerin instead of alcohol to prevent the preparation from stinging when it's applied. In addition to sunburn, calendula spray can also be used on new stitches. It is commonly used as a spray on Caesarean cuts, and a few drops can be added to a sitz bath to soothe and heal vaginal tears after natural childbirth.


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