What is Calcium D-Glucarate?

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Calcium d-glucarate is a chemical formed when calcium is combined with glucaric acid, a naturally occurring substance found in vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts and some fruits like oranges and apples. Studies have strongly suggested calcium d-glucarate can detoxify the liver, potentially ridding the body of harmful carcinogens and hormones. The result may be a lower risk of cancer due to tumor prevention as well as lower cholesterol levels and increased metabolism.

The body produces small amounts of glucaric acid, but these amounts are often not enough to have significant effects on the detoxification process. Doctors at the cancer research center at M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas, discovered the potential health benefits of the chemical when they set out to learn why people with higher amounts of vegetables and fruits in their diets were often at lower risk for cancer. They administered calcium d-glucarate to animals and found that the supplement was able to help ward of tumor growth, even after the animals were given known carcinogens.

The supplement was then sold and advertised to consumers as having various possible advantages to detoxifying the liver. Fewer toxins in the body can allow for increased immunity, helping to fight off potential illnesses. Stimulation of the metabolism may be another positive effect of taking calcium d-glucarate. Levels of low-density lipoproteins—otherwise known as “bad” cholesterol—have been decreased as a result of the supplement in lab tests.


This chemical also has the ability to flush excess estrogen from the body. This effect may help those who take steroids for health or performance-enhancing reasons, as steroids tend to flood the body with extra hormones. High levels of estrogen have been known to cause certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer. Studies are currently being done to determine if calcium d-glucarate’s ability to balance hormone levels is sufficient enough to prescribe the supplement to cancer patients.

Currently, no tests have been conclusive enough for approval of the supplement as a treatment; calcium d-glucarate is, as of now, only taken for preventative measures. No side effects have been found, but those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should be cautious when taking any supplements. Due to the effects that this chemical has on stimulating liver function, medications that must be broken down by the liver may be negatively affected. Likewise, alcohol, which is processed in the liver, may inhibit the usefulness of the acid. Taking antioxidants in conjunction with the supplement may further prevent cancerous cells from forming.


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Why don't you state that calcium d-glucarate is not a calcium supplement and that it is not to be thought of as a form of calcium? This seems to be needed due to misunderstandings with the name of the product.

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