What is C Certification?

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C certification is an indicator of attained aptitude with the C programming language, and often the C++ programming language, used in computer software programming. It is often a prerequisite for some technology jobs, especially those directly involving programming and writing computer software, and often appears on résumés of and job offers for those seeking employment in the technology sector. There is not a definite, industry standard for receiving C certification however, which can make the process difficult and may make certification more difficult to authenticate.

The C programming language is a language used in computer software programming that was developed for use in developing Unix operating systems (OS) and has since been used extensively throughout the computer industry. C++ is a more recent version of the programming language that carried over much of the basic structure of C, but added many features to make it a more powerful and intuitive language for programming. There are myriad books, online tutorials, classes, and other resources available for anyone interested in learning C and C++.


C certification is simply a way for a computer programmer, or someone else working within the computer and software industry, to demonstrate that he or she has extensive knowledge of C and experience in using it to write software programs. Much as a medical or legal professional can demonstrate extensive educational and practical experience in his or her respective field through licensing and certification, a programmer usually undergoes certification to provide a succinct reference for employers. Unlike doctors and lawyers, however, there is not a set standard for this certification and no single industry recognized board or organization that determines the standards and requirements for C certification.

Someone interested in receiving C certification should begin by learning the C programming language, as well as some aspects of C++. Once this is done, he or she should look for businesses and educational services that provide certification testing. This should be done rather carefully, however, as not every certification service is equal or regarded with the same recognition within the computer industry.

Any potential C certification service should be researched by a prospective candidate to ensure high standards and recognition by computer software employers. Someone looking for certification should consider contacting other programmers or potential employers for information regarding professional and legitimate certification groups. Since programmers are something of a subculture and are often part of a fairly interconnected community, this type of information is not necessarily difficult to find.


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Post 2

@indigomoth - To some extent I agree with you, that you really need a certification in order to make sure you are able to apply for any job that requires C programming skills.

But, on the other hand quite a few of my friends who work in this field seem to come by jobs through word of mouth. They work with someone, who talks to someone else and recommends them and when the first job is finished they always seem to have another one lined up.

Because, as it says in the article, this is such a close knit community, it really pays to hone your skills and be nice to everyone you come across. If you are useful and pleasant to work with you might find you never need to whip out that c programming certification.

On the other hand, it does make a nice backup.

Post 1

It's a good idea to frequent forums where programmers hang out if you want to find out what the best certification services for C certification are.

Often people who learn programming languages are self taught and don't even think about needing proof that they can do what they say they can. But having that little piece of paper will open doors the way nothing else can.

Even if you want to learn the language from scratch, I would suggest looking for a recommended course that will provide you with a course certification at the end of it.

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