What is Buzz Marketing?

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Buzz marketing is a form of guerrilla marketing, which is a non-traditional marketing strategy that often draws on the use of creativity to engage and attract consumers. With this type of marketing, excitement about a product or service usually spreads through word-of-mouth. The term “buzz” refers to the eagerness consumers feel about sharing the product or service with others. Chat rooms, blogs, discussion forums, social networking, and video sites are a few of the vehicles by which buzz marketing occurs.

When a business owner utilizes buzz marketing as a strategy for promoting his product, he is essentially relying on the product to sell itself through a word-of-mouth approach. He might engage his professional contacts and people he knows personally in product demonstrations or tell unique stories about the product. Once people recognize the value of the product and find that it serves their needs in specific ways, they spread the word about the product due to their own excitement or satisfaction.


The Web makes buzz marketing possible on a massive scale. Blog owners might post reviews of a product and encourage readers to investigate the product for themselves. Readers of the product review might do their own research on the Internet and post questions and comments about the product on social networking sites. Chat rooms and discussion forums are common locations for discussing the pros and cons of a product or service. When a product solves a problem or meets a need, word usually spreads quickly on the Web.

To complement and encourage the buzz created by consumers, a company might create videos about the product or service. The video might be posted on the company’s website or on an Internet video site, which is easily viewable and searchable by consumers. Eager product users might insert the marketing video link in an e-mail to friends or family members who can then view it and personally investigate the product. Through such marketing strategies, some companies bypass traditional marketing approaches in favor of lower-cost viral marketing campaigns.

With a buzz marketing plan in place, a traditional advertising strategy may or may not be necessary. A company might gauge the public’s reaction to a product or service by first releasing it to a small number of consumers. If consumers react in an enthusiastic way about the product or service, some companies will forgo a conventional marketing plan in favor of letting consumers take the marketing reins. A successful buzz marketing campaign can sometimes reduce a company’s advertising expense.


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Post 3

My son works in advertising, and one part of his job is to come up with buzz marketing concepts and ideas. This is easy for him because he has always been very creative and he has a good business sense.

When I see advertising and marketing campaigns, I can usually tell right away if it is going to be a successful one or not. Being able to identify them is much easier than creating them or coming up with the idea.

Part of being a successful advertising or marketing agency is being able to get the most amount of money out of your advertising budget. Buzz marketing for many companies can greatly increase their amount of profits.

If you spend a lot of money on a marketing idea that doesn't take off very well, that can also have a negative impact on your business.

Post 2

@LisaLou - Your post makes me think of companies that advertise in the Yellow Pages. I think that many companies continue to do that, but I don't think they spend nearly as many marketing dollars there as they used to.

There are so many other forms of marketing that will reach more consumers in a shorter amount of time, so they have gone that way with their advertising.

One way I have seen viral buzz marketing work is through successful blog pages. If a blog has a large following and they promote a product or service, that can make a huge impact on their business from just than one source.

Post 1

I think online social media sites have made some traditional marketing techniques a thing of the past. The internet in general has changed the way many companies do business.

For me if a company doesn't have such things as a website, monthly email newsletters, Facebook page and Twitter updates, I am not very likely to do business with them.

It may be a great company, but I do almost everything on my phone or the computer, and that is the kind of marketing that gets my attention.

Successful buzz viral marketing can make a huge difference in a business in a short amount of time. They have always said that word of mouth advertising is the best form, and when this is done through social networks, it can grow exponentially.

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