What Is Butternut Squash Pizza?

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A butternut squash pizza is a pizza topped with squash and other vegetables. This kind of pizza contains common ingredients like cheese and pizza crust. It is often touted as a quick but healthier version of meaty tomato-based pizzas and makes a good alternative for vegetarians. The squash is first cut, seeded, and boiled until soft before mixing it with the other toppings. Once done, the pizza is baked until golden brown and let sit to cool before serving.

There are thousands of different kinds of pizza, from pineapple to peanut butter and jelly. A butternut squash pizza does not deviate far from the standard pizza, however. Besides squash, it has parsley and various kinds of cheeses, all set atop a regular pizza crust. This pizza is a good version to start with when a person begins exploring the abundance of pizza varieties. It has some of the basic pizza ingredients, and most winter squash are not known to have a strong flavor.

Butternut squash pizza recipes usually do not call for meats. This makes the pizza an alternate option for vegetarians, though vegans would have to substitute an alternative for the cheese. The lack of meat also cuts down on fat, and the addition of butternut squash adds beta-carotene and vitamin C. Beta-carotene is healthy when consumed in reasonable amounts, assuming a person does not smoke, as some studies show it can increase the risk of developing lung cancer.


To make a butternut squash pizza, the squash is first washed, cut, and microwaved until fully cooked. Once the squash is soft, it is easy to peel and cut into bite-sized pieces. Some people choose to spice the squash with nutmeg during the cooking process. The butternut squash can be placed on the very top of all the other ingredients or placed between a layer of cheese. In general, it is most aesthetically pleasing to put the butternut squash on top.

The pizza crust is layered with the cook’s preferred cheese and herbs, along with the squash. Once all ingredients are on the crust, the pizza is baked until golden brown. It should be allowed to cool for a few minutes before being sliced and served. Cooling it also allows it to be easier to cut with a pizza cutter or knife, because the cheese is less gooey and the crust is firmer. Now the butternut squash pizza is ready to serve and eat with the cook’s choice of sides, if any.


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