What is Burdock Tea?

Harriette Halepis

Burdock tea is derived from either the roots or leaves of the burdock plant. These plants grow in various parts of the world ranging from North America to Asia. Throughout Asia and Europe, burdock is consumed as a root vegetable, and it is also added to various drinks. Aside from being used as a food additive, burdock is also considered a powerful medicinal herb.

Burdock oil may be helpful for treating dandruff.
Burdock oil may be helpful for treating dandruff.

Traditional Chinese medicine includes many different burdock applications. The tea can be consumed to help with bladder ailments, fluid retention, gout, and indigestion. In addition, burdock tea is also used to combat teenage acne problems. Some natural health practitioners believe that combining this tea with dandelion root and burdock leaves helps to cleanse the liver. Thus, this type of tea is often prescribed by naturopaths for patients who suffer from various liver conditions.

Burdock tea may be used to treat indigestion.
Burdock tea may be used to treat indigestion.

While burdock is frequently consumed in tea form, the oil also has a number of different benefits. Many believe that rubbing burdock oil into the scalp will help prevent hair loss and dandruff. Some people who suffer from various skin conditions and hair loss use this oil in order to reverse damage. Tea made from the burdock plant may also help with hair loss and some skin problems.

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When burdock tea is prescribed as a healing agent, it must be ingested on a regular basis, usually three times per day. Many people do not experience any kind of adverse reaction when consuming burdock tea, though this plant may cause some unwanted side effects.

Due to the fact that burdock is a natural digestion aid, tea made from this plant may cause heartburn. Some people may also experience nausea after consuming burdock. If any type of rash or respiratory problem surfaces as a result of ingesting the plant in any form, it is wise to seek medical attention. It's also a good idea to purchase burdock leaves and roots from reputable retailers. As with any other kind of natural remedy, some packaged burdock plants can be more potent than others. Thus, it is a good idea to follow tea instructions carefully.

In most instances, burdock roots or leaves can be made into tea by combining one teaspoon of the plant with one cup of water. After allowing the mixture to boil, the tea should be left alone for fifteen minutes. Once the tea has had time to sit, the liquid can then be consumed. Burdock tea can be purchased in health food stores or online through reputable herbal resellers.

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