What Is Brown Sugar Frosting?

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Brown sugar frosting is usually made by combining light or dark brown sugars with butter, milk, vanilla, and confectioner's sugar or flour. The frosting can be made with a thick, buttercream-like texture by using dark brown sugar and flour, or it can be a thin glaze when light brown sugar and confectioners sugar are used. Bakers frequently use brown sugar frosting to top cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. The brown sugar flavor is especially complementary to caramel, chocolate, pumpkin, carrot, and banana desserts.

The types of ingredients and ratios used in a recipe will generally determine the texture of the brown sugar frosting. If a think glaze is required to top breads, doughnuts, or muffins, the baker will usually combine light brown sugar with confectioner's sugar, melted butter, milk, and vanilla extract. The amount of confectioner's sugar is usually about double the amount of brown sugar, resulting in a light, sweet frosting.

Thicker brown sugar frosting is often reserved for cakes and cupcakes. The frosting may be stirred or whipped to create the desired consistency. Dark brown sugar provides a caramel color and rich taste. A large amount of butter is usually necessary to create a creamy frosting, and flour may be used as a thickener. Some bakers add vanilla extract for additional flavor, while others are satisfied with the singular flavor of the dark brown sugar.


Those who do not wish to make their own frosting can often purchase it, pre-made, in the baking aisle of many supermarkets. If store-bought brown sugar frosting is not available, it can be created quickly by mixing brown sugar and milk with pre-made vanilla frosting until the desired taste, color, and texture are reached. This icing can be immediately spread on cooled desserts or used in recipes.

Baked goods should be frosted with brown sugar frosting after they have cooked and cooled, based on instructions provided in the recipe. The amount of frosting used will vary depending on the type of dessert and the baker's preferences. Some bakers use piping bags to create decorative textures and designs with brown sugar frosting. Other frosting flavors, such as vanilla or chocolate, may be used along with brown sugar frosting to enhance the same dessert. Extra frosting can be refrigerated in a sealed container for up to one week, but should be immediately discarded if the baker has touched it with her fingers or unclean utensils.


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