What Is Bread Machine Rye Bread?

Cindy Quarters

A bread machine provides an automated way of making bread. The ingredients are placed inside, and the machine does almost all the work. It will stir the ingredients, allow the bread to rise for a set length of time and knead the dough. Virtually any kind of bread can be made inside a bread machine, with a vast number of recipes available. Bread machine rye bread is simply rye bread that is made in a bread machine using an appropriate rye bread recipe.

Rye bread can be made in a bread machine.
Rye bread can be made in a bread machine.

When making bread machine rye bread it is important to load all of the ingredients into the bread machine in the order specified in the recipe. Everything is generally placed into the machine in a specific sequence. Dumping things in without regard for the required order can result in bread that doesn’t rise, is too hard or too soft or is otherwise unsuitable for eating.

Another consideration when making bread machine rye bread is the settings on the machine. These settings control how the bread is stirred, kneaded and baked. If they aren’t set correctly, the bread will fail. Recipes that are intended for use in a bread machine will usually specify how the machine is to be set. The information included will typically include instructions regarding what cycle to use and how light or dark the rye bread should be when it is done baking.

Bread machines come in a variety of different sizes to make different sized loafs. A recipe for bread machine rye bread will specify what size loaf it will make. It is important not to put the ingredients for a 2 pound loaf (0.9 kg) into a 1 pound (0.45 kg) bread machine. Using recipes that do not match machine size can result in spills and overflow.

Many different kinds of prepared bread mixes are available for use in bread machines as well. Similar to the recipes made from scratch, the ingredients in a packaged bread mix must be added to the machine in a certain order in order to achieve the desired results. These packages typically specify the size loaf the mix will make, what ingredients are included the box and what ingredients the user must add to create a loaf. There are several variations on bread machine rye bread mixes, including dark, light and deli-style rye. Mixes are convenient and allow the user to easily try several recipes without purchasing many ingredients.

Rye bread made without any wheat flour imparts a strong, but not overwhelming, rye flavor to the recipe and usually requires that gluten be added to enhance the texture. White rye flour mixed with wheat flour makes a much lighter loaf with respect to color, flavor and texture, but it still has a distinctive rye flavor. Dark or black rye bread, also called pumpernickel, uses coffee and molasses in the recipe to create its dark color and heavy, chewy texture.

Some bread machine mixes use caramel coloring and dark flour to simplify the pumpernickel recipe. This keeps the look and texture of the bread. Caraway seeds can be added if desired to any rye bread recipe to give it a stronger flavor and a slightly different texture.

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