What Is BPO Automation?

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Business process outsourcing (BPO) automation is putting systems in place so that documentation and other business processes occur automatically instead of manually. There are multiple cost and time saving benefits for using a business process outsourcing automation service in a business.

BPO automation involves hiring a third party company, or in some instances, several third party companies to handle the various business processes. For example, a company may hire a payroll and accounting company that uses BPO automation for its payroll, bookkeeping and tax filing needs.

Other business process outsourcing automation companies handle business processes across all of the departments of the company. This means that one company will handle the invoicing of clients, the payroll and the automation of any marketing and sales processes for the company.

The primary benefit of BPO automation is that it can save the company a lot of money. It relieves the company from having to hire individual employees to handle each of the processes. Instead, it allows the company to outsource these duties that would normally be completed by employees. This saves the company from having to pay salaries, wages, health insurance, workers' compensation and various other benefits. It also allows the company to only pay for the services that it outsources to the BPO automation company.


BPO automation also opens up a menu of services to companies that may not be available if the company tries to handle all of its business processes on its own. For example, instead of a company having a mailroom or a mailroom clerk, the company can include inbound mail services as part of its BPO automation services it outsources. This is especially attractive to paperless offices because the inbound mail handled by a BPO automation company scans and emails the mail to the appropriate parties in the company to be handled as necessary.

Outsourcing business processes can be a little costlier than a company that purchases a BPO automation software system. The software system itself, however, may require the hiring and training of certain employees that can offset the cost savings of completing outsourcing your needs to a third party company. Security and privacy issues are two other factors to consider when evaluating BPO automation. Since the business is turning over your business information to a third party, it is important to make sure it is a reputable and experienced company that has security measures in place.


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