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Created by Les Mills International, Bodyvive™ is a group fitness program. Les Mills International is a New Zealand-founded company that offers choreographed fitness classes in thousands of studios around the world. When compared to the company's other fitness regimes, Bodyvive™ is a relatively low-impact class. This energizing workout pairs exercise with trendy music. Participants are known to raise their endurance levels after a series of such classes.

During a Bodyvive™ class, members move with the tempo of the soundtrack. The soundtrack itself is a big draw for Les Mills participants, as it combines new pop hits with old disco songs and rhythmic beats. Every three months, the group workout instructors create a new routine to different tracks. Called the “latest release,” the new routine is meant to keep regular participants from becoming bored with the routine.

Once group fitness class members are bored with a regular workout, they stop trying as hard. When a participant stops trying, he doesn’t benefit from the class as much. Regardless of whether a Bodyvive™ athlete is taking the class to drop pounds, gain strength, or tone her buns, she should always be kept on her toes. Les Mills International believes that consistently fresh dance routines keep such participants from getting stuck in an exercise rut.


Throughout the routine, Bodyvive™ members use special tubes and balls specific to Les Mills International classes. While lifting and resisting with these tools, members are encouraged to explore various movements. Myriad muscles may be stimulated during such a workout. Combining exercise with balance can increase strength and agility.

Each Bodyvive™ routine has a somewhat standard formula. Instructors begin by leading class members through a warm-up. During these first few minutes, participants are encouraged to quicken their pulse and get their blood flowing. The pinnacle is reached mid-routine as the heart rates are up and the instructors continue to encourage classmates to be even more active.

As the Bodyvive™ routine continues, members work on target areas such as the abdominal muscles, legs, and buns. The routine ends with a cool-down series of Pilates followed be a variety of stretches. Instructors maintain that people who participate at least three times a week will see improvements in strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

Les Mills International group fitness classes can be challenging. Bodyvive™ is recommended for those new to group exercise. It is also recommended for new mothers, recently injured athletes, or active adults who might not feel comfortable in a higher-paced class.


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