What is Body Imaging Enhancement?

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Body imaging enhancement is a technique that is intended to recognize the need to restore a natural balance between the body, mind and the emotions. As part of the process of restoring this body mind balance, body imaging enhancement will seek to employ various methods to realign the bones and muscles of the body into a natural and harmonious state. This restoration of proper structural relationships between the physical components of the human body is also expected to bring about a natural realignment of the mind as well, creating a completely balanced state for the individual.

The concept of body imaging enhancement as a means of creating a proper energy release is a relatively new one. Doctors Mark and Denise Hendler are usually credited with developing the basic idea of body imaging and using an alignment process to achieve a state of harmony between body and mind. However, many proponents of various types of eastern medicine and various alternative therapies note that body imaging enhancement shares much of its basic philosophy with older medical treatments.


The underlying principle of body imaging enhancement is that a central line exists in every human body. As long as this central line stays within a given range or setting, the physical abilities of the body, the cognitive ability of the mind, and the balance of the emotions remains in harmony with one another. However, if some factor impacts the physical alignment of this center line, the mind and the emotions will also suffer some degradation in function.

By using various methods to bring that central line back into its natural state, body imaging enhancement begins to reverse the negative impact. The body will once again emit a natural energy release that allows the individual to function properly on all levels. Depending on the severity of the situation, several treatments may be necessary to begin correcting long standing issues.

In actual practice, body imaging enhancement makes use of gently manipulating the muscles of the body, including the face. The practitioner will use the manipulations to gently knead and stretch the muscles. People undergoing a body imaging enhancement treatment often report feeling tension seep out of their bodies as their muscles begin to respond to the massaging and manipulation.

While the medical community at large does not currently endorse body imaging enhancement as a means of treating a wide range of ailments, the approach has gained a loyal following who report feeling more rested and having more energy during the working day.


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