What Is Body Concealer?

T. M. Robertson

Body concealer is often used to cover up varying degrees of undesirable skin blemishes. Common examples include chronic skin conditions, such as rosacea and vitiligo, along with other more minor problem areas, such as birthmarks, veins, age spots, and moles. For minor skin discolorations, concealer pencils are often preferred. In cases where larger areas of skin needs concealing, liquid or cream concealers are ideal. For people with allergies or chronic skin conditions where the skin is easily irritated, mineral makeup is the best option for a natural concealer.

Body concealer.
Body concealer.

People may feel the need to use a body concealer for many reasons. Some may simply wish to cover up small birthmarks and blemishes, while others may want to cover up larger and more severe skin discolorations and tattoos. Whatever the problem, there is a concealer on the market that can help. Body concealers typically come in three different forms, including pencils, liquids and creams, and minerals.

Liquid and cream concealers work well on conditions like vitiligo.
Liquid and cream concealers work well on conditions like vitiligo.

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For small skin blemishes, a body concealer pencil may be used. Pencils work well on covering up minor blemishes less than the size of a dime. Examples include small birthmarks, moles, sparse freckles, scars, veins, age spots, and discolorations around the eyes. The pencils come in many shades and can be purchased to match virtually any skin tone.

Liquid and cream concealers can be used on larger areas that are too big for a pencil to cover. These concealers work well on skin conditions such as vitiligo and melasma, where large sections of the skin experience varying degrees of discoloration. Smaller blemishes, such as the ones that can be covered up with a pencil, can also be concealed. A major benefit of using these types of concealers is that they can be applied to the skin in several ways. They can be airbrushed on, spread on with the fingers, or applied by makeup sponges.

Mineral makeup can also be used as a body concealer on skin problem areas both small and large. Since many cosmetics on the market contain chemicals or other harsh ingredients that may be irritating to the skin, mineral makeup is the most recommended concealer for anyone with skin allergies or who has a skin condition such as rosacea. Using mineral makeup works well under these conditions because it is made of natural ingredients that double as soothing and anti-inflammatory agents. The minerals should be brushed over the skin until the area is adequately covered.

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