What is Boat Insurance?

Shannon Kietzman

Boat insurance is a necessity for any boat owner, whether the boat is intended for living on or just for leisure use. A boat is considered just as much of an asset as a house or any other form of property. For this reason, more and more insurance companies offer insurance to boat owners.

A boat insurance agreement.
A boat insurance agreement.

Whether on land or on sea, there is no telling what can happen to a boat. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for any tragedy that may occur. Most insurance companies provide boaters with a variety of coverage options. These options can range from covering the boat’s life to the life of its owner.

Boats are assets that should be insured against damage or loss at sea.
Boats are assets that should be insured against damage or loss at sea.

Like car insurance, boat insurance usually consists of two primary phases. These include liability in regards to protection, as well as indemnity and property loss. Boat insurance can also provide coverage for physical damage to the boat. If the hull, machinery, and furniture are damaged, for example, they are all covered by boat insurance.

There is also boat insurance coverage for poor workmanship on the boat and for any vandalism that may occur to the boat. With boat insurance, the boat is also protected if the owner should sail in an area deemed to be dangerous for boats. In addition, boat insurance can cover accidents that occur at sea with other boats. Boat insurance can even cover injuries if a person aboard the boat gets hurt in some way.

These days, it is mandatory to have boat insurance before setting sail. In addition, lenders ensure new boat owners purchase boat insurance before taking the boat off the lot. Not only does this protect the boat owner, but it also protects the lender if the boat becomes damaged or destroyed. One perk to boat insurance is that it can be established to cover the full cost of replacing or repairing the boat if it becomes damaged, despite the change in its value due to depreciation.

With boat insurance, the actual cash value or the figure that is agreed upon beforehand is given to the boat owner if the boat is lost or damaged. Therefore, it is important to select the boat insurance that best fits the boat owner’s lifestyle and needs.

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I agree with you Talentryto, because you never know when you may need your coverage when you own a boat. This type of policy is as easy to get as a car insurance policy, and boat insurance quotes are available through licensed insurance agents in person and online.


Owning a boat can be a lot of fun, but it can also be costly. Anyone who enjoys this type of leisure activity enough to purchase their own boat should certainly invest in the best boat insurance her or she can afford.

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