What Is Blueberry Yogurt?

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Blueberry yogurt is plain yogurt that either fruit, jam, juice, or flavoring has been added to. The yogurt can be traditional strained yogurt, unsweetened Greek-style yogurt, or one of a variety of specialty types. Natural or artificial sweeteners can be added to the blueberries or to the yogurt to make it have a sweeter taste. Actual fruit can be included in a container of blueberry yogurt; berries can be packed into the bottom of the container or incorporated into the yogurt mixture.

Blueberries can be added to yogurt as whole fruit, as crushed or blended bits, or as strained juice. No matter what form the blueberries take, they give yogurt a light pinkish purple tint and a sweet, tart blueberry flavor. Personal preference plays a big part in selecting a blueberry yogurt; some individuals may prefer chunky yogurt while others prefer a smoother texture. Adding blueberry jam or fresh blueberries to any variety of plain yogurt allows individuals to create a custom-blended blueberry-flavored version at home.


The base mixture used for fruit-flavored yogurt can vary by manufacturer. Traditional fruit yogurts contain a sweetened plain yogurt layer and a layer of sweetened fruit. The yogurt and fruit are meant to be stirred together before serving; this type is usually labeled with the phrase "fruit on the bottom." Other blueberry yogurt types incorporate the berries and sweetener into the yogurt, so no mixing is required. Some blueberry yogurt varieties are packaged in a two-chamber container, with plain yogurt on one side and a fruit mixture on the other; this setup allows the end user to custom-blend the yogurt.

In addition to being consumed as a meal or a snack, blueberry yogurt can be used to sweeten and flavor baked goods. Flavored yogurt can be incorporated in any baking recipe that calls for plain yogurt, and will add color, sweetness, and berry flavor. Cooks using blueberry yogurt for baking may need to reduce the amount of sugar used in the recipe to avoid creating a finished item that is overly sweet.

Served alongside freshly cut fruit and other items, blueberry yogurt makes a colorful and appealing dip for a breakfast buffet. Adding blueberry flavored yogurt to a home ice-cream maker will yield a refreshing and healthy frozen treat in about an hour. Adding whole grain granola to a cup of yogurt boosts the nutritional value and elevates the yogurt from a snack to a meal.


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