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Blopress® is a brand name for candesartan, a blood pressure medication that works by blocking the action of a chemical used to contract the blood vessels. This medication is also known by brand names like Atacand® and Amias®. Blopress® is prescribed to people with hypertension when it does not respond to more conservative methods of treatment, and it may be used in combination therapy with other medications, depending on the reason for the high blood pressure. It is also used to manage patients with certain kinds of heart failure.

This medication is an angiotensin II receptor blocker. It locks to the receptors for angiotensin, preventing this chemical from activating. This keeps the blood vessels relaxed and open, bringing blood pressure down and stabilizing it at a safer level. For patients in heart failure, this may relieve stress on the heart and provide benefits. The dosage depends on the weight of the patient, with the medication being provided in the form of tablets taken once a day.

Patients on Blopress® will go to the doctor periodically for checkups to see if the medication is working and to determine how effectively it is meeting their needs. People may also be advised to take other steps like eating differently or exercising to try and control their blood pressure. If the medication is not working, the dosage may be adjusted or the patient may be advised to try a different medication.


Dizziness is the most common Blopress® side effect. Patients can also experience congestion, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Rarely, allergic reactions are experienced and patients have difficulty breathing, developing hives or rashes. This medication is not recommended for use in pregnant women. People who are pregnant should talk to their doctors about how to manage their blood pressure, and if a patient becomes pregnant, it is advisable to stop taking the medication immediately and talk to a doctor.

The use of different brand names to describe the same medication can be confusing for patients. People used to taking Blopress® who are provided with a medication that has an unfamiliar name should ask for clarification from a pharmacist to make sure it is the same medication and to check on the dosage. Generic medications should be pharmacologically identical to their brand name counterparts, but it is important to be aware of the fact that things like coatings and bindings may be different. People with allergies should check to make sure a medication is safe before using it, as it may contain allergens like wheat or corn.


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