What Is Bioelectromagnetic Therapy?

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Bioelectromagnetic therapy involves passing electromagnetic fields through a person’s body to stimulate healing and boost the immune system. Electromagnetic fields form when electric currents pass through conductive materials. These lightly magnetized fields do not contain electricity because it remains in the conductive material. The electromagnetic fields are excess energy that radiate around the conductive material and pass through whatever happens to be around them. This means that bioelectromagnetic therapy poses little to no threat of electrocuting the patient.

Magnetic therapy and bioelectromagnetic therapy are very closely related. In magnetic therapy, magnetic hematite or lodestone is placed on an ailing person’s body in the location of the disease or injury. Reportedly, the magnetic field around the lodestone stimulates circulation in the area where it is placed. This then fuels the cells in that area, encouraging them to work faster and more efficiently, often resulting in a faster recovery for the patient.

Through bioelectromagnetic therapy, therapists can use the above described magnetic stimulation on the entire body at once. The electromagnetic fields can also be concentrated on one area. The intensity of the field can also be strengthened or weakened, depending on what the patient needs. Using electric current and conductive materials gives the therapist more control over the fields.


Proponents of this treatment claim that bioelectromagnetic therapy can help skin, bone, muscle, and even organs heal faster. This therapy is often used on patients with chronic joint and muscle pain, arthritis, and painful scar tissue. Those with poor immune systems may receive this therapy to help tone and strengthen the lymph system. People suffering from inflammation, allergic reactions, and asthma report improvements in their conditions after a few sessions. Bioelectromagnetic therapy is not touted as a cure for any of these conditions, but as a way to relieve symptoms and help patients deal with their ailments.

These electromagnetic fields are also said to aid cognitive ability. Those with brain injuries and memory loss sometimes receive this therapy to stimulate neural function. Perfectly healthy individuals may also get bioelectromagnetic therapy on their brains, or even over their entire bodies, to keep themselves in good health. Some of these individuals report having more energy and an increased overall alertness.

Devices used to administer bioelectromagnetic therapy often look like small, rectangular boxes with two wires coming out of the front. The other end of each wire is connected to a small metal loop covered by a flexible protective casing. The therapist turns on the box, which streams a current through the loop. The loop is passed over the body, but does not usually touch the patient. Individuals may purchase these devices to use at home, but they are extremely expensive.


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