What is Bergamot Aromatherapy Oil?

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Bergamot aromatherapy oil is an aromatherapeutic product that is made with the extract of the bergamot orange. The name of the plant comes from the city of Bergamo, which is in Lombardy, Italy. It is believed that this is the city where the oil was first sold. The oil is famous for being the key scent in Lady Grey tea and Earl Grey tea.

As the bergamot plant is part of the citrus family, it is not surprising that bergamot aromatherapy oil has a very citrusy scent. It smells of fruits and is sweet, but also is a bit spicy in the bouquet of its smell. Bergamot aromatherapy oil is often compared to lavender oil and neroli oil.

As the oil shares qualities with lavender oil and neroli oil, it is often blended with one of these two to create scents for the home, for the body, and for aromatherapeutic applications. The oil itself is yellow with a greenish tinge, not unlike the color of the skin of the fruit from which it is derived. Whereas some aromatherapy oils are very thick and viscous, bergamot aromatherapy oil is rather thin and watery.


There are a few ways to extract essential oils. Bergamot aromatherapy oil is extracted via a cold process. This means that steam is not used to distill the scent as is used in some other forms of extractions. The oil is expressed and collected from the rinds of bergamot oranges. Both ripe and unripe fruits can be used for this purpose.

Some of the first uses of bergamot essential oil included the scenting of tea, as mentioned above, as well as uses in perfumes. In addition to being used as a scent for teas and perfumes, bergamot can also be used for a number of aromatherapeutic purposes. It is believe that bergamot aromatherapy oil can be used to alleviate depression and calm the nerves. These are some of the most common uses of the oil in aromatherapy.

It is important to note that, while aromatherapy can be a useful method of healing, it should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care for depression and anxiety, which can have severe effects. Bergamot is also used in aromatherapy lotions to deliver the same effects as when it is used in a diffuser. As bergamot oil can create photosensitivity in the skin, it is important to be cautious of direct sun exposure after use.


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