What is Beer Cheese?

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Beer cheese is the name of a chip dip that is believed to have originated in the state of Kentucky in the United States. As the name implies, the dip is created using both cheese and beer. Over the years, different ingredients have been added to the basic recipe as people would create their own unique version.

Heavier chips, such as corn chips or tortilla chips, are commonly served with the dip. When served as an appetizer, flavored crackers of some type often accompany the dip. The dip can also be served with celery sticks, although this presentation is relatively uncommon.

The basic recipe for beer cheese involves utilizing extra sharp cheddar cheese that is grated to the preferences of the server. Often, a fine grate is used when the dish is presented as an appetizer. For use as a party dip, the cheese is usually coarsely grated.

For authentic beer cheese, the addition of a small amount of dark beer is required. Most recipes call for allowing the beer to breathe for a short period of time, but not long enough for the product to get stale or flat. This small amount of beer is added to the grated cheese and the two ingredients are lightly tossed together.


In order to add additional flavor to the beer cheese, spices are sometimes added. Fresh garlic is a common addition, along with cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce. In the Southern portion of the United States, homemade pepper sauce is often used instead of commercial products. A little salt and possibly a small amount of mustard powder may also be added to the mixture if desired.

As with many types of dip, beer cheese should be prepared in advance. The dip can be refrigerated overnight, providing ample time for the flavors to intermingle. Like other refrigerated dips, it is usually a good idea to remove the beer cheese from the refrigerator a half-hour or so before serving. This makes the dip just the right consistency to allow easy dipping with the crackers or chips.

There are a number of beer cheese recipes calling for a wide range of ingredients. Milder versions can be created using sharp or mild cheddar, or adding in a small amount of some other type of grated cheese. Some recipes call for adding a small amount of yellow mustard or a spicy salsa as a binder. It is not unusual for hosts to serve both mild and sharp dips at an event, allowing guests to enjoy two different types of the dip at the same get together.


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Post 5
Most people use cheddar or some other kind of yellow cheese when they are making beer cheese but you can do it with all sort of things. I have made it with Monterrey jack and pepper jack. I have done it with Velveeta. I even once did it with brie but honestly that didn't turn out so well.

But the natural pairing of beer and cheese is one that almost always works. Think outside the box and experiment with cheeses besides cheddar.

Post 4

Is beer and cheese dip like beer cheese soup? I have had the soup and I like it a lot. It is pretty thick but I wouldn't consider it to be a dip. Is there any difference in flavor?

Post 3

There is a bar close to my house that gives out free warm beer cheese dip during all the Packers games. They draw a huge crowd for all the games and I think it has as much to do with the dip as with the game itself.

It is a good recipe to begin with but they serve this simple but delicious crusty white bread for dipping. It has a little crunch on the outside but is incredibly soft on the inside. It is the perfect way to eat the dip.

Post 2

Beer cheese is one of my all time favorite appetizers. I like all different kinds of cheese dips, but I think that beer cheese is the best by far.

I always make up a batch around the Super Bowl. I make mine in a crock pot that I set on low so the dip stays warm and melted throughout the day. I could honestly probably eat the whole thing of dip myself but I never have thank God.

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