What Is Bed Rest Support?

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Bed rest support is the act of providing help, assistance with daily tasks, and emotional strength during the period of time an individual is on bed rest. Pregnant women are the most common group of people put on bed rest for various reasons, but other people might be put on bed rest for a number of medical conditions. Because these people are either not allowed to get up at all, or for no other reason than to use the restroom, they will need assistance with practical matters throughout the day, such as getting washed up and preparing meals. Bed rest is emotionally draining, though, so bed rest support can help people deal with the emotional stress as well.

Ideally, family, friends, or a spouse will be able to provide much of the bed rest support that is required, but in some cases that is not possible. In this instance, a home caregiver may be hired to provide bed rest support. This person may assist with daily tasks such as preparing meals, cleaning up around the house, and doing laundry. If necessary, a nurse may need to be hired to assist with bathing, administering medication, or any other necessary medical care.


The practical aspects of bed rest support are only half the battle, however. It can be very emotionally draining and upsetting to be confined to a bed, often for weeks or months at a time, so people will need a lot of emotional support at this time as well. Frequent visits of friends and family can be very helpful, as well as finding different activities that can be done while laying down. For instance, playing certain games, watching movies, reading, or simple activities like knitting can all help to pass the time.

Many people find bed rest support on online forums or websites as well. These websites are populated by other people who are also on bed rest, and they can log in and chat with each other at all hours of the day and night. This allows people on bed rest to commiserate and share experiences with new friends, and can be very helpful emotionally even if they are never able to meet each other. Though bed rest is a challenging and stressful time, there are ways to get the bed rest support that is needed, and ensure that practical matters are taken care of and that emotional stresses are reduced.


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