What is Banaba Tea?

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Banaba tea is a type of tea that is made from the leaves of the banaba plant. This type of plant grows in the Philippines and is widely available in there and in Japan. This type of tea has several suggested health benefits, including helping regulate blood sugar, helping urinary tract problems, and increasing metabolism. Many people prefer the taste and aroma of banaba to other teas, and it has steadily increased in popularity over the years.

Several health benefits have been reported by drinkers of banaba tea. Many people believe this type of tea helps regulate blood sugar. This is one of the most popular types of tea for individuals who suffer from diabetes. The corosolic acid that resides within the plant is essentially a form of plant insulin. This may make it an effective supplement for individuals who are dealing with diabetes.

Another potential benefit of drinking banaba tea is that it may help individuals who suffer from urinary tract problems. It has been suggested that the tea can help disinfect the body and helps soothe the pain that comes with a urinary tract infection. This type of tea also has been seen to improve the health of the kidneys, which may also help make the individual healthier.


There are also indications that drinking banaba tea may help individuals lose weight. This has led to banaba tea being included in several commercial weight-loss supplements in recent years. Individuals who take banaba tea may find that they consume fewer calories on a daily basis. The tea has a tendency to decrease hunger, which can help dieters eat less. This type of tea does not necessarily cause the individual to consumer substantially fewer calories, so it may help people lose weight at a safe pace.

Some people also utilize banaba tea as a treatment for gout. Gout is a condition that is caused by variations in uric acid metabolism and leads to a very painful form of arthritis. By drinking this type of tea, an individual may increase the amount of valoneic acid dilactone in the body. This substance has shown the ability to lessen the severity of gout as well as the symptoms of it. Many individuals who regularly drink this type of tea have reported decreases in pain from gout.


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