What Is Bacon Lip Balm?

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One of the more unusual types of lip balm on the market today is bacon flavored lip balm. As its name suggests, it is lip balm that has been flavored with bacon. Like other lip balms, bacon lip balm moisturizes and protects the lips and it is geared more toward people who have an intense love for the flavor of bacon. As much as some people may enjoy it, however, others may find the smell and taste of this lip balm extremely unappealing. Although this lip product can be purchased commercially, bacon lovers can also usually make it themselves with bacon fat, wax, and petroleum jelly.

Lip balm can help moisturize and protect lips. Most lip balms have fruity or sweet flavors, but some have slightly more unusual flavors. Not surprisingly, bacon lip balm tastes just like bacon, a fatty cut of meat from pigs. As this is an intense and unusual lip balm flavor, only individuals who truly love the taste of bacon usually use this product.

People with dry or chapped lips can benefit from using bacon lip balm. Along with its advantages, bacon lip balm also has its disadvantages. This type of lip balm also usually has a strong bacon smell, which can be unappealing for anyone who gets physically close to a person wearing it.


Unusual flavored lip balm, like bacon lip balm, is becoming more and more common. It can easily be purchased either from a specialty shop or off the Internet. Some do-it-yourselfers, however, may prefer to make this type of cosmetic.

Bacon lip balm can easily be made at home with bacon fat, beeswax, and a small amount of petroleum jelly. The bacon fat and beeswax should first be melted, and any pieces of bacon can be strained out for a smoother lip balm. Petroleum jelly should then be mixed in with these two ingredients, and the liquid balm can be poured into a container to harden. Lip balm tubes, pots, or tins can be used to store this type of lip balm.


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