What is Bacillinum?

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Bacillinum is a type of homeopathic medicine classified as a nosode, which means that it is prepared from a pathological sample of tissue or other biological matter. Specifically, it is a nosode of tuberculosis formerly referred to as Tuberculinum. This substance later came to be known as Burnett Bacillinum in reference to Dr. Burnett, the homeopathic physician who first considered its use to prevent and treat specific disease by immunizing the body against it, a concept in keeping with the basic “like cures like” philosophy of homeopathy. Unlike conventional vaccines, however, nosode homeopathic preparations are “potentized” through a series of dilutions by factors of 10 or 100 to arrive at the vibrational essence of the original material. In this case, the original material is a sample of tubercular sputum or lung tissue.

In terms of therapeutic benefit, the primary goal of supplementing with Bacillinum is to treat tuberculosis. It is also used to treat a number of other conditions, many of which are considered secondary to tuberculosis, such as tubercular meningitis. It is also used to treat Addison’s disease, influenzal bronchopneumonia, asthma, and other chronic respiratory disorders. Other conditions indicating that treatment with this agent may be beneficial include rheumatism, alopecia, ringworm, lupus, and bruxism, or tooth grinding. Some homeopathic texts even list Bacillinum as a cure for insanity and idiocy.


Not surprisingly, there is little clinical evidence to substantiate many of these claims and the majority of support for the use of this substance is based on anecdotal experience. In addition, no apparent beneficial effect may be observed in certain cases. This homeopathic remedy is clearly not intended for repeated administration or long-term use.

Unlike herbal remedies or essential oils, Bacillinum is not freely available in the US, presumably because it is produced from diseased specimens without the benefit of regulatory supervision. It can be obtained in the US by prescription, however. It is also widely available in some parts of Europe, most notably in the UK. While it may be possible for Americans to order this material from a foreign source, it is also likely that there may be restrictions on the export of this substance to the US. In addition, the risk of contamination or lack of standardized processing warrants careful research into the background of any potential supplier.


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@SimpleByte - There are a lot of resources about homeopathy online including courses on the subject, homeopathic remedies, and information about the various remedies. Natural food stores in my local community sell homeopathic remedies also, but sometimes the selection available online is larger.

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A homeopathic remedy you can buy in the U.S. is antimonium crudum. This substance is used to treat a variety of ailments including skin conditions, laryngitis, and certain eye and ear problems. The respiratory ailment this remedy treats is coughs.

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