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Baby Orajel® is a topical anesthetic used to relieve teething pain for infants who are generally at least 4 months old. It is applied directly to the gums and starts working immediately to numb the area. The product comes in many different forms, including gel and liquid, and it does not require a prescription. Baby Orajel® is specially formulated and flavored for infants but should not be used on ones that have allergies to local anesthetics.

Infants who have sore gums due to teething might find that Baby Orajel® relieves the pain. It contains a topical, local anesthetic called benzocaine, which blocks the nerve signals and numbs the skin where it is applied. The product is used directly on the gums for fast relief since it starts working immediately. A pea-sized amount of the anesthetic can be applied up to four times daily for a maximum of seven days, although it can be used longer if directed to do so by a doctor.


There are several different types of Baby Orajel® products manufactured, and the most common are the gel forms, which are applied to the gums using a clean fingertip or cotton swab. The product comes as cotton swabs that have the medication already on them as well. There are also liquid drops dispensed using an applicator. Additionally, the nighttime formulas are stronger, containing 10% benzocaine versus the 7.5% in the other products. Baby Orajel® comes in many flavors, including cherry and berry, and it is free of alcohol, gluten, and casein.

The Baby Orajel® products are specially formulated for infants, so the adult version of Orajel® should not be used on infants as it can cause an overdose of benzocaine. It also should not be used with infants who are allergic to anesthetics like butacaine, procaine, or benzocaine. If an overdose or allergic reaction does occur, one should seek medical help immediately.

Infants will usually display several symptoms when they are teething, some of which can be eased by using Baby Orajel®. They will often bite or gnaw on their hands or other objects because the pressure helps soothe the gums and push the tooth through. Rubbing their cheeks or pulling their ears is common when infants are having pain from teething, and they might drool excessively. Infants will also typically be more fussy and irritable than usual and will sometimes wake up crying during the night. In some cases, they might have a frequent cough without having fever or cold symptoms.


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