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Aviane® is a type of birth control taken orally in the form of tablets. It is a combination pill containing the hormones progestin and estrogen, used to prevent pregnancy in women of childbearing age. This combination of hormones acts to inhibit ovulation, make cervical mucus less likely to transport sperm into the uterus, and decrease the likelihood of implantation of a fertilized egg. This medication is taken daily in 28-day cycles and believed to be 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy when used as directed.

Aviane® is one kind of oral birth control pill that typically comes in a 28-day pack containing 21 combination hormone pills and seven inert reminder pills. The instructions indicate that an individual should take one pill daily at approximately the same time each day. During the first medication cycle, the woman must choose whether to use a "Day One start," taking the first pill on the first day of her next period, or a "Sunday start," beginning the pack on the first Sunday after her period begins. After this, she must continue taking one pill per day in the order they appear in the pack, with her menstruation occurring during the seven days she is taking the inert pills. Women are urged to use backup contraceptive methods during the first seven days of the initial pill pack to prevent pregnancy.


Some women who use Aviane® experience side effects, such as weight gain, vomiting or nausea, or sudden changes in vision that make it difficult to wear contact lenses. Rare life-threatening side effects could include blood clots, high blood pressure, or liver tumors. Women who have a history of certain conditions such as migraines, depression, diabetes, or epilepsy should be carefully monitored by a doctor while using oral contraceptives. Aviane® or other oral contraceptives might not be appropriate for people who smoke or have blood pressure, as well as individuals with a history of certain cancers, stroke, or heart attack.

Oral contraceptive medications such as Aviane® are believed to have some positive biological effects when used long term. These effects could include reduced risk of ovarian or endometrial cancer, as well as a decrease in the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy. Women with long-term use of birth control pills could also experience more regular periods even after discontinuing use of oral contraceptives.

Oral contraceptives such as Aviane® are used to prevent pregnancy. They are not intended to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. Women who are breastfeeding should consult their doctors before using oral contraception.


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