What is Avena Sativa Extract?

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Avena sativa extract is derived from the wild oat. Although most people are familiar with the use of oats as an edible grain or cereal, they are also used as a homeopathic remedy or a dietary supplement. When used for medical purposes, avena sativa is believed to improve sexual performance, act as an aphrodisiac, and improve fertility. It also is used to detoxify the body, reduce anxiety, decrease nicotine cravings, and improve sleep habits.

Although avena sativa extract is most commonly used as a tablet, it can also be used in liquid form. In fact, when the seeds of the plant are young, they do not have a hard case around them so they can easily be used to create a liquid that is often used as a tonic for the nerves. When the seeds and oat straw mature, they can be harvested and made into a tablet or capsule.

Many people believe that avena sativa is an aphrodisiac and works to improve sexual performance. Practitioners claim that it works by releasing testosterone into the blood stream and causing it to become increasingly active, but there have not been any published research studies backing these claims. Many practitioners encourage their clients to combine the extract with other herbs to create a more powerful aphrodisiac effect.


There are several other uses of avena sativa extract as well. For example, it is sometimes used to treat mild insomnia, and some people use it to decrease nicotine cravings, specifically if they are trying to stop smoking. It also is often recommended as a supplement to detoxify the body since it is believed to increase bowel movements.

Recently, a study was done to see how avena sativa would react to bacteria. The extract proved to work as an antibacterial against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. As additional studies are conducted, the supplement may be used in additional ways to fight bacteria or other diseases.

Although side effects of this extract are rather uncommon, they are possible, especially if it is used at high doses. Side effects can include rapid heart rate, restlessness, and sleeplessness. Many people experience headaches as well.

In most cases, avena sativa extract can be purchased from health stores or on-line. As with any herbal supplement, a medical professional should be consulted before using it. The dosage varies depending on the concentration of the extract, and some brands are extremely potent while others are much weaker.


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Post 6

Avena sativa should not be taken by the elderly as it can cause significant agitation, restlessness and insomnia.

Post 5

While there are a lot of avena sativa benefits you should really be wary of avena sativa side effects. I was shocked when I started to take an avena sativa complex to help with my insomnia, that it actually made me more restless.

Whereas I couldn't sleep before, after taking the avena sativa I couldn't stop feeling jittery or pacing. It was absolutely terrible to be so tired and yet so hyper at the same time.

Another down side of avena sativa are the horrible headaches you can get. I swear my pills made me restless and gave me a migraine.

Post 4

Has anyone ever used the avena sativa herb to help them quit smoking? Did it really help with cravings or is it all hype?

I have seen quite a few Internet ads that claim that avena sativa supplements are the way to go if you want to stop smoking and improve your overall health. I am quite wary about the claims made from customers on their websites, because more often than not, they usually turn out to be paid actors.

I have been smoking a pack a day for almost 10 years now and have always struggled with quitting. I would really like to find something that would work and keep my cravings at bay so I can live a healthier life.

Post 3

I read about a study in the newspaper that was done on men and women with avena sativa extract by a University. What I specifically remember about the article is that women needed more of the extract to see a positive change in their sex life, but men did not need as much.

I think the reasoning was something like men having less testosterone receptors than women and needing less supplements for them to be affected. So women need around 500mg of avena sativa extract and men need around 300mg per day to benefit.

Post 2

I'm using a herbal supplement right now and this is one of the extracts in the supplement, along with a few others like neetle root extract and prunus africana. I had heard of these two before, but not avena sative. Who would have thought that it's wild oat?! That's great though. A buddy of mine made a lot of muscle taking these supplements during his workouts. I hope I'll get the same great results.

Post 1

Oats and oat bran are known by everyone and there are so many food brands that advertise their benefits like protection from heart disease and increasing good cholesterol. The same benefits apply to avena sativa extract as well, but very few people know about avena sativa extract.

It's aphrodisiac benefits and benefits for muscles and detoxification is what people know sativa extract for. But it's also good for lowering bad cholesterol and protecting the heart. I've also read that it benefits our metabolism, supports healthy hair, skin and bones and even strengthens our immunity!

Avena Sative extract is so beneficial and from what I've read about it so far, it has little or no side effects just like the article said, which is rare among these kind of supplements. I think we are not taking advantage of this extract as much as we could.

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