What is Aromatherapy Perfume?

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Aromatherapy perfume is a type of perfume oil made from high quality, pure essential oils, designed to provide aromatherapy benefits such as relaxation or a boost in energy. Though aromatherapy perfume is not typically available in a spray form, it may be applied sparingly to the wrists, neck, temples, or chest as needed for a light scent and aromatherapy benefits. There are aromatherapy perfumes available for men and women, ranging from light floral scents to more deeper, musky scents with combinations of oils, herbs, and spices. In addition, some people with sensitivities to fragrances find that they can wear this type of perfume.

This is because the aromatherapy perfume is made with all natural ingredients and pure essential oils, which tend to be less irritating than other, synthetic fragrances. Spray perfume generally contain a small amount of pure essential oil, in a mixture of other chemicals and synthetic fragrance enhancers. Perfume made from aromatherapy oils generally does not contain any preservatives or additional chemicals, and is often completely natural.


Aromatherapy perfume may serve many different purposes. Lavender or chamomile, for example, might help to make one more relaxed. Peppermint or citrus can help to boost energy levels. Rose scents may help one feel more passionate, while sage may help to stabilize mood. Of course, all of these may work differently depending on one's individual body chemistry; in addition, there are a number of scent combinations in aromatherapy that can be found online or purchased in stores, all of which offer different specific benefits.

Of course, if one is choosing an aromatherapy perfume, it is important to consider more than just the mental benefits. The perfume should interact well with one's body chemistry, and maintain a pleasant scent all day. It is best to try a scent before purchasing, and leave it on all day to see how the scent changes over time. It is also best to only apply a small amount in the morning, and reapply throughout the day as needed. Aromatherapy perfume tends to be less expensive than other perfumes.

Aromatherapy perfume is not the only option for aromatherapy. There are many different aromatherapy oils for use either in the bathtub or during a massage, for example, as well as aromatherapy candles that can scent one's home. All of these can offer aromatherapy benefits. In fact, one option might be to choose a perfume that matches one's preferred aromatherapy scent, to carry the benefits throughout the day, after a bath or leaving one's home.


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