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Apriso™ is a brand name for the medication mesalamine. This drug is used to treat a number of conditions that affect the lower intestine, including ulcerative colitis and proctitis. An anti-inflammatory, Apriso™ prevents the body from producing hormones that trigger swelling in the lower digestive tract. Severe reactions to this medication are uncommon, and it is considered an effective treatment for intestinal inflammatory diseases.

An anti-inflammatory, Apriso™ stops the body from producing chemicals that cause swelling. The medication only affects the area it is absorbed by, which is the lower intestine, and does not affect swelling in areas outside the digestive tract. The effects of this medication are usually noticed within a few weeks or a few days. Patients need to take the full dose given by their doctor, regardless of whether they feel better, because of the risk of intestinal conditions flaring up again.

The drug is usually given as a pill or a suppository. When taken by mouth, the medicine is designed to be released only when it reaches the lower intestine. It is important for patients to swallow the medicine whole so that it can reach the affected area. Pills and suppositories are usually taken three times a day. It is also possible to take this medication in enema form, which is common for treating conditions affecting the rectum.


The most common use for Apriso™ is in the treatment of ulcerative colitis. In this condition, part or all of the lower intestine, which is also called the colon, may be swollen. Patients who have had the condition for a long period of time may also have patches of intestinal lining that have worn away. Apriso is used to treat this condition or to keep symptoms under control in untreatable, chronic cases.

Proctitis and proctosigmoiditis may also be treated with Apriso™. Proctosigmoiditis exhibits similar symptoms to ulcerative colitis, though the symptoms are confined to the rectum and the lowest part of the colon. Swelling of the rectum is the most common symptom of proctitis, though many patients also experience pain and bleeding.

There are many side effects that patients can experience when taking Apriso™. Some of the most common ones are flu-like symptoms, anxiety, pain, and gastro-intestinal symptoms. Serious side effects are dizziness, vomiting, severe stomach pain and blood in the stool. A doctor should be alerted if any of these serious effects develop.


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