What Is Apricot Cream?

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Apricot cream is a very simple yet flavorful fruit dessert. Made up of juicy apricots, gelatin, and sweetening agents, the plump dessert is either enjoyed by itself or can be used as a base for other dessert recipes. Brownies, cookies, and many other sumptuous desserts can be made by cooking with apricot cream.

Since apricots are typically in season from late spring to early summer, apricot desserts are most often enjoyed in the summer months. Apricot cream can be prepared for backyard barbecues and other summer celebrations easily and cheaply. In addition to the apricots themselves, other necessary ingredients typically include gelatin, heavy cream, and sugar. A small amount of lemon juice may also be needed, depending upon the recipe. Water is also often required when cooking with fruit.

When apricots are difficult to find, they can be substituted with apricot spread or preserves. Whipping cream may also be substituted for the heavy cream if desired. The rest of the ingredients may also be replaced with powdered sugar to save time and money. Some cooks also include a small amount of almond flavored liqueur or almond extract, which pairs well with the flavor of apricots.


Preparing this fruit dessert usually involves pureeing the apricots, then blending them over heat with the rest of the ingredients. The mixture is then chilled, mixed with the heavy cream, and poured into a dessert cup or mold. it can be divided into small portions for simple, quick desserts, or set as a large, single mixture for use in other culinary projects. The container is then put back into the refrigerator to set, creating a rich, smooth dessert to be enjoyed during the heat of the day.

Cream tart, torte, and cake recipes often call for use of this fruit cream as a layering barrier or topping. Apricot spreads are particularly tasty when combined with chocolate, making the cream a popular addition to basic brownie recipes as well. Danish cream cheese braids can be intensely sweetened and flavored by mixing in some of the cream, too. Apricot cream works well as a frosting for desserts and as a topping for ice cream.

Another type of apricot cream is an apricot-flavored coffee sweetener. In addition to its culinary uses, apricot cream also exists as a facial night creme. Many other beauty products, such as shampoos and body washes, are known as apricot cream, or "apricots and cream," as well.


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