What is Antioxidant Extract?

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Antioxidant extracts are oils derived from a variety of herbal plants. These extracts are then used to address a variety of medical conditions or symptoms. These oils can be taken internally or they can be used on the skin as a topical solution. An antioxidant extract can contain substances that fight the effects of aging or they can be used to prevent diseases. There are several kinds of these extracts and they can be used in different ways to address specific problems.

One of the most commonly used extracts is rosemary antioxidant extract. Rosemary is a plant belonging to the mint family and it is typically added to nutritional supplements. It is thought that this extract can slow down the oxidation rate, so it is used as an herbal preventative. Cancer-causing agents can be blocked by using rosemary antioxidant extract. When the extract is used topically, it can ease the pain of joint-related conditions.

Grape seed oil is thought to be a very powerful antioxidant extract with many beneficial attributes. It can fight off free radicals, which are responsible for premature aging, and it can also be used as an anti-inflammatory remedy. Cardiovascular disease can be caused by slow circulation and a build up of plaque within the arteries. Grape seed oil antioxidant extract can work to improve circulation by helping to eliminate plaque. Nerve and brain tissue can also be protected by this oil and this can help to sharpen mental functions.


Plants such as lemon balm, mint, meadow sage, and mother wart all belong to the labiatae family of plants. Extracts can be taken from any of these plants and used as a holistic remedy. For example, lemon balm can be used internally to fight off bacterial infections,or used topically to fight off viral skin infections such as herpes. Mint extract can help to relieve digestion problems and nausea. Peppermint extract can be used as an anti-inflammatory and it can be inhaled to clear a congested nose.

Any antioxidant extract can produce harmful side effects if the recommended dosage is exceeded. They can also have a negative effect if they interact with certain types of prescription drugs. A doctor should be consulted to avoid any drug interactions. There is little to no scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of any holistic or herbal medication.


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