What is an over the Door Ironing Board?

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An over the door ironing board is a type of ironing board that typically provides many of the benefits of an ironing board while taking up less space than a traditional ironing board. This type of board attaches to a door, such as a bedroom, closet, or bathroom door, and remains attached to the door while stored flat against it. During use, the board is folded down away from the door, to create a flat surface perpendicular to the door for use in ironing. An over the door ironing board is often quite convenient for use in a small spaces or in spaces without much storage, but it can also be somewhat smaller than a traditional ironing board.

Most of the time, while not being used, an over the door ironing board will be stored away on the back of the door to which it is attached. The board itself will usually consist of the actual ironing board, which is flat and typically covered in cloth just like any other board, and a metal frame that runs along the door and goes up to connect to the top of the door. This is usually done with a metal bracket that straddles the top of the door, serving as the namesake for the over the door ironing board, so that no actual installation is required and no damage is done to the door.


While not in use, the ironing board can be kept flat and stays upright, usually locked into place, flush against the door to which it is mounted. To use the ironing board, the door is moved so there is an open space in front of the door and the board can be folded out from the frame and lowered down for use. The ironing board then sits out perpendicular from the door it is attached to and can often lock into place for further stability. Once done with the ironing, a user can then easily fold up the board, making an over the door ironing board ideal for small spaces.

There are a few drawbacks, however, to using an over the door ironing board when compared to a traditional ironing board. The board itself is typically about half of the size of a traditional board, and this may present problems for ironing larger items. While the board itself can potentially be locked into place, the door it is on can swing open or move if not secured, which may make stability an issue and can cause injury or damage from a hot, unstable iron.


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