What is an Outdoor Stone Fireplace?

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An outdoor stone fireplace is a stone fireplace which is installed in an outdoor location. Outdoor fireplaces have a number of unique needs which must be addressed for safety and durability, and stone is a great material for addressing these needs. Building supply companies often stock stone fireplaces which people can install in various locations, and it is also possible to build from the ground up, using stones from a building supplier, masonry company, or even the surrounding area. In both cases, it is a good idea to use the services of a contractor to ensure that the fireplace is safe to use.

Stone fireplaces can be laid out in a number of ways. Some take the form of fire pits, which hold the fire in a central depression inside the fireplace. Fire pits may be dug into the earth and lined with stone, or stones can be used to build an elevated fire pit. It is also possible to build an enclosed outdoor stone fireplace with a chimney for increased safety and efficiency.


Many outdoor stone fireplaces are designed to be wood fueled. Others can be outfitted to work with gas or pellet fuels. Gas and pellet fireplaces tend to be more efficient and easier to use, which can be an important consideration, although wood has a look and feel which many people value. In all cases, an outdoor stone fireplace should be used with a screen to trap sparks, and it should be surrounded with a margin of fire-resistant materials such as stone, concrete, or tile.

There are a number of ways in which an outdoor stone fireplace can be integrated into a landscaping scheme. Some people like to install fireplaces on or near their patios, providing warmth and ambiance to guests. Others may use outdoor stone fireplaces with cooking grills and racks, in which case a patio location is ideal for serving food.

It is also possible to build an outdoor stone fireplace into the wall of a house, or into a wall, rockery, or similar feature in a garden. Freestanding fireplaces can also work very well with some landscaping layouts, especially in the case of fire pits. If the outdoor stone fireplace is installed in the garden, it is important to keep shrubbery and trees well trimmed around the fireplace, so that sparks cannot jump to flammable foliage, and the fireplace should be installed on a rammed earth or concrete pad so that it remains stable.


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Post 4

@OeKc05 – I also have a fire pit, but mine is gas powered. It has a granite top surrounding a bowl of porcelain, and I love the sleek design.

There is black metal latticework running around the bottom of the fire pit. This is what the bowl rests inside of, and it also hides the gas tank under the bowl.

I never cook anything over it. I use it just like a regular fireplace. My husband loves bonfires, but they can be dangerous in a dry area like ours, so this outdoor fireplace is a safe alternative.

Post 3

Outdoor brick ovens can be just as dangerous as open fireplaces. My cousin thought that since hers had a door that could shut the fire in, she wouldn't have to worry about trimming her rosebushes nearby. She was wrong.

She didn't think about what could happen when she opened the oven door to put food in and take it out. Once, she opened the door to remove food from the oven and a couple of flames leaped out, igniting her plants.

Thankfully, she had a fire extinguisher just inside the back door. She put out the flames, but she had already lost half of each rosebush. She has since transplanted them to areas far away from the outdoor oven.

Post 2

My neighbor has a really cool outdoor patio fireplace. It stands on top of her faux stone patio, and it puts out a lot of heat.

It has a little chimney. The whole thing is covered in stucco, and I'm guessing she must have bought her patio stone and the fireplace at the same store, because they match perfectly.

It runs on natural gas. It even has an oven that she uses to make pizza sometimes.

Mostly, she uses it for heat, though. She loves being able to spend time outdoors after work during the winter and spring, when days are short and sunlight has disappeared by the time she has arrived home. The fireplace keeps the patio warm enough to enjoy.

Post 1

I have an outdoor fire pit that makes it possible to hold gatherings outside on fall and spring nights. It takes the chill right out of the surrounding air, and it feels downright cozy.

My fire pit is circular and made of stone veneer. Since I have lots of trees in my yard, I have plenty of fallen branches to burn in the pit.

When my daughters friends stay over, we roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the pit. When I have friends over, we sit out there with drinks and snacks and just enjoy the warmth under the stars.

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