What is an MBA Statement of Purpose?

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Individuals who are planning to pursue a graduate degree in business administration, a degree often known as an MBA, are often required to write an MBA Statement of Purpose prior to their acceptance into the program. Often referred to as a personal or mission statement, this provides a summary of the candidate’s qualifications and future career plans. Along with transcripts, test scores, and work experience, it is usually used to determine whether a candidate will be admitted into the MBA program.

Each educational institution has its own criteria for judging a candidate’s statement of purpose. In general, however, an MBA statement of purpose should convince the reader of the applicant’s potential for success, if he or she is admitted into the program. The essay should summarize the applicant’s skills and experience, and also provide insight into his or her overall personality. While the statement should clearly demonstrate a candidate’s achievements, it should also be concise and to the point. In short, it should paint a clear portrait of who the applicant is, and include relevant information such as his or her professional interests, goals, and achievements.


Rather than simply stating facts, a successful MBA statement of purpose should include anecdotes, or personal stories, that prove the applicant will succeed in the MBA program. Creativity, curiosity, and independence are some of the most important attributes the writer can demonstrate through his or her essay. To do this, it is important for the applicant to substantiate any claims he or she makes about his or her skills and knowledge — such as providing an example of a particular problem he or she encountered and how it was solved.

Unlike test scores and references, the statement of purpose gives candidates the opportunity to speak directly to the admission council and showcase their uniqueness. A well-executed essay should not only convince the admissions council that its writer will succeed in the MBA program, but also demonstrate how the candidate can add value to it. It is important for the writer to show interest and enthusiasm in the program, as well as to detail how his or her past experience relates to it.

Although an MBA statement of purpose is just one of many factors evaluated by the admissions council, it is also one of the most important. A strong essay can increase a candidate’s chances of acceptance into an MBA program, while a poorly executed one can greatly reduce the likelihood of being admitted. As a result, it is important for all candidates to present a strong, well-written, and persuasive MBA statement of purpose to the admissions council.


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